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    Which game/sequel are you most disappointed never happened?

    You sure about that? I'm pretty sure you could place your fleet in named formation :O Could you design your own formations in Cataclysm?
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    is anyone else playing as a Khajiit in Skyrim?!

    <3 Love the name. I had a Khajiit, but ended up going Nord in the end because 1) SKYRIM! >:O and 2) I never (ever) played one before, seemed like a great chance for some roleplay in the homeland, much what I did in Morrowind (As dunmber) and Cyrodill (as Imperial). And indeed, having a blast...
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    If a company doesn't provide a demo for a game is it ok to pirate it?

    Nope. But that answer is based on opinion.
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    What's your vice?

    Hm.. Procrastination most def. Coupled with a bit of laziness and impulsive behavior. Worst part is when I say something impulsive, knowing right after I say it that the one I said it to will probably misunderstand but realize it would take me quite a bit of time to explain properly and I...
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    Games that Actually Scared You

    Thief Deadly Shadows, that mission in the Cradle. Dunno why.
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    If you had a Death Note how would you use it?

    I would lock it up in a safe somewhere, not to be used until the utmost end of need. >:O
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    Nostalgia that HAS NOT let you down

    Alpha Centauri
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    The Next Space Marine

    Improved multiplayer, campaign length increased. Smaller price tag if you have the previous game. >:|
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    Your favorite lesser known band

    Faun. I do believe it's a German medieval folks band.
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    Favorite webcomic?

    Gunnerkrigg Court
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    I really don't like Deus Ex: HR

    I don't like the boss-battles being primary gun focused. The occasional and unrealistic things like not-too-great-ai and a lot of people on the street having the same line is awkward in a game that on other fonts tries to be so immerse. Other than that I'm having fun atm.
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    Trailers: A Game of Thrones: Genesis Teaser

    Kill me now. +6 internet to you, good ser.
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    Phrases you've never understood.

    That cake eaten thing is supposed to me from 'Like having your cake eaten'. The reason why this is bad is because it's 'your' cake, that got eaten by somebody else. Meaning you can't eat it yourself.
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    Trailers: Borderlands 2 Teaser

    That looked like that Brick dude from the first, but then with hair and beard. o.0
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    Fallout: *Insert City Here*

    Fallout: Amsterdam. Emphasis on 'meds'.