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    Any Good Co-op PC Games?

    Lots of great ideas, but I think we have settled on Orcs Must Die 2 and Need for Speed World. And thanks, this is/was awfully helpful!
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    Any Good Co-op PC Games?

    I noticed that when I got the demo--thanks! That's what I've had my eye on, but she doesn't like that..sadly. I'm thinking Torchlight 2, but I'll have to convince her to get the demo and try it out. It doesn't seem complex or anything. Guild Wars 2 would be awesome, but we don't spend much...
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    Any Good Co-op PC Games?

    Thanks, I have Titan's Quest already downloaded (from a Humble Bundle), I didn't know that it was co-op. And I will check Magicka out. It's not so bad.. It can run Sims 3, The Witcher, and a bunch of other no-so-demanding games well. I mainly use my 360 to play games anyway--but my friend...
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    How do you take being beat by a girl On games?

    I have the same reaction when a male beats me at a game. There's no difference to me at all. They're just playing games just like me, their gender doesn't make them better or worse. I also generally don't really care about winning and losing so much. It doesn't bother me unless the other person...
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    Any Good Co-op PC Games?

    I've searched around through the forum and have found a few games, but none really seem to suit my friend and I. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any co-op games that you can play online whether they're flash games or downloadable (low price or free) that can be played with only...
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    Game series you are absolutely sick of.

    Not really any besides Assassin's Creed--but that's because I actually used to like the series and now it's just too repetitive to feel like it was worth anything to begin with. So, I just stopped buying games from that series. That said, if I don't like a game series, I ignore it. No hate...
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    Capcom to Promote Resident Evil 6 With Human Butchery

    I just hope they have liver with a side of fava beans and a nice chianti. But anyway, this is an odd way of promoting. But, hey, at least out "mothers" don't hate it.
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    Zynga Bites Back Against EA Lawsuit, Files Counterclaim

    As much as I don't like Zynga, I have to side with them. Zynga's target audience isn't me, so they haven't even touched anything that I like. EA is just killing things, and seems the greater evil in this. Plus, if those claims Zynga makes are true (haven't followed anything besides this...
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    hearthfire shenanigans

    This. I tried so many different things and it just wouldn't put it in the display case. Also, sometimes my cow loads on top of my house.
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    Poll: The Most Realistic Game Ever - Would You Play It?

    Nope. I'm not making a character go to the bathroom, and do all sort of stuff like that. What if, in game, your character is constipated for an hour. Well, there goes your fun as you sit there while your character sits there. That alone is enough to keep me away. Anyway, I don't want that...
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    The Best Multiplayer Mode In Gaming

    And in Halo Reach, that's a rare thing. I'm hardly able to get set up with a team that knows CTF isn't deathmatch... or that knows the difference between defense and offense. Capture the Flag has always been my favorite game-type in any FPS. That feeling when you have the other team's flag...
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    Dark souls is utter crap as a game.

    I've been on my first playthrough of this game for almost a year. I quit when I rang both towers--I quit for about five months. Then I started playing again, and I worked my way through the area that I was stuck at. I felt good, and I continued to play until I beat Ornstein and Smough. But...
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    What game(s) do you want made available for other platforms.

    God of War series on Xbox 360 Demon's Souls on the 360 Thief series on the 360 Legacy of Kain series on the 360 That's about it. I know some games are old in the LoK and Thief series, but I'd want them as downloadable at least.
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    Do you play games of the same series back to back?

    I played Mass Effect 1 and 2 back to back...then I started 3 and couldn't do it anymore. Besides that: Knights of the Old Republic Gears of War Portal I want to play the Halo games back to back, as well as Prince of Persia series (not the cell-shaded one).
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    My silly Gripe with MMOs

    Monthly fees, or plain bad games. Also, the bigger the game community, the more chances of finding lots of annoying people (though you can block them). That, and I don't really want to get to know people to game with...