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    Will there ever be another World War?

    With nuclear weapons, symmetrical warfare between two nuclear nations is very unlikely. It would almost certainly result in missiles being launched, and no one wants that, so it won't happen... hopefully. That being said, the majority of the population of the world is in third world counties...
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    Do realism in games really challenge gamers?

    I find realism in games can really add to the experience and put you in the environment. Quake 2 is a great game, and a lot of fun, but I never will get immersed in that world like I will with Red Orchestra or Operation Flashpoint since a human jumping several meters in the air, taking multiple...
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    How do you react to being hit on/checked out?

    Ever seen a deer in the headlights? Yeah, that's like me, except less responsive. Jokes aside, I honestly can say I'm either too clueless (and I generally am about these things), or too ugly for such a thing to have ever been noticed, or happened. I prefer to think the first one, hahaha.
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    Mirror's Edge 2 Was Always Going To Happen

    I swear I'm the only one who liked the combat. It was a good break from free-running, and if the game was more open world, you'd probably have the choice to avoid it 99% of the time anyhow. I don't know why you'd remove it, and why people act like it was forced upon you. I played the game...
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    You Find $2,000 on the Sidewalk...

    Bank it probably, might be moving to a new place soon and need the cash.
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    Bulletstorm Dev: Games be a-changin'

    Spec Ops: The Line was a good example of this I think. Mindless killing and gameplay ripped straight from Gears of War, then a cutscene commenting on the horrors of war. It was kind of disconnected. In fact even some of the Gears of War games felt like that. The problem is, how do you...
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    Poll: Cycling on the pavement / sidewalk

    I love all the entitled drivers here with the "oh I'm bigger and have a 100 horsepower engine and 2500 pounds of steel backing me up, so get out of the way peasant bikers, you should drive like my fat American ass, or stay the fuck off the road!". I too drive, it's my second job driving pizzas...
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    "... Because, its faster than Walking!"

    In Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, I'd look at the ground when I sprinted for long stretches, I swear it increases FPS due to reduced drawn polygons and sped up the player run speed. I'm probably just being an idiot, but it did seem faster.
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    So , what's the point of being in a relationship.

    What's the point of anything? Life, videogames, etc. It's to have fun while you can and do what you enjoy as much as you can, as far as I'm concerned. For the average person, the amount of connection felt between them and a lover, friend, and pet differ quite a lot. You will never have a deep...
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    "That's Not a Real Job"

    If only you got paid scaled on how much you hated your job, I'd quit game design and work as a dishwasher or something and get 100 grand a year. The ideal world, eh.
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    App Store Rejects "Uncomfortable" Sweatshop Game

    A little too close to home for Apple. Since that's where their hardware (and most hardware for that matter) is produced.
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    EA CEO John Riccitiello Resigns - UPDATED

    John is... cool... kind of... Not really.
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    Ladies, how about you?

    I realize that it's a bit different for me, since I'm male, but I have no problem playing as a female, and sometimes do even when I'm given a choice. Of course, most games have male protagonists, so playing as a female is hardly common.
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    EA CEO John Riccitiello Resigns - UPDATED

    The rats are fleeing the ship. Hopefully now they will learn and fix their mistakes before they sink it completely.
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    Red Orchestra Dev: CoD Has Ruined A Generation Of Gamers

    Red Orchestra is a game where you can be dying a shit ton and still do good for your team, even with a "bad K/D ratio, brah". It's really intense and well crafted. I played a lot of Call of Duty until I realized like he said, it usually breaks down to luck. It's not really immersive, the...