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    English Words You've Heard Mangled

    That's cultural differences. In England at least, you pronounce "herb" with the "h". I now present the great Mr Izzard to serve my point:
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    The Witcher 3 Exterminates Loading Screens

    Ah man, I haven't seen this kind of technical innovation since the Jak and Daxter series!
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    So tell me about XCOM: Enemy Unknown...

    So I've seen numerous threads about you guys talking about XCOM. It seems you like it quite a bit! As a general rule anyway... What I want know is; is it approachable for someone who is fairly new to strategy games? I don't know how good I'd be - chances are I'm quite rubbish at them. But...
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    Your most recent gaming challenge

    Well, I've yet to play Arkham City, I wanted to get Asylum first,(I just feel it's necessary to play the first one for tentative storyline issues) but I had the exact opposite: I started off on hard and when I went on one of the challenges the attack indicators freaked me out!
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    Iran Sends Snipers to Exterminate Giant Mutant Rats

    Just dip a few turtles in those chemical nutrients and you'll soon have a force for good working in your city against any giant talking brains you may or may not have!
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    Your most recent gaming challenge

    The title sums it up pretty well; what has been killing you/your men the most recently? Doesn't have to be the MOST challenging sequence you've EVER played EVER, just something mildly frustrating as of late. Personally, I've been stuck on the extreme versions of the fight challenges on...
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    Developer Brings Halo Cheer to Liver Transplant Kid

    ARGH! BUNGIE! RIGHT IN MA FEELS! Seriously though, good show ol' boy and all that!
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    300 Director to Develop Star Wars Standalone Based on Seven Samurai

    The Magnificent Seven with lightsabers? I would watch that. Also, stand alone stories always have a uniqueness towards them that I rarely find uninteresting. Just as long as it has no/very tenuous connections to previous star wars characters - not that I don't love them, but their stories are...
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    "Heroics" that left a bad taste in your mouth

    It's been a while so forgive me if I get the names wrong! Was it Ograhm? That dwarf beserker you could get? He noted that it was could've been due to that material (lyrium?) that caused the effects that the ashes entailed because there was such a massive concentration of it. So there's one...
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    Is there any reason to get married nowadays?

    Yes, but that IS my point. Sure, for some people, expressions of love don't require marriage. However, for others, the ultimate show of love is marriage to that person! So love still counts as my answer - marriage isn't ALWAYS the answer, sure, but doesn't make it any less so.
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    Is there any reason to get married nowadays?

    What? Why? I don't.....AHA! Thank god. I thought the escapist was populated by robots for a moment there. Tax breaks? Religious reasons?! How about honest to goodness love? People marry to show their commitment to their other half. If you love someone, you'll usually want to marry them and...
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    Favorite Movie 1 Liners

    I prefer, "And just like that *puff* he's gone!" Personally thinks it works better in that last scene!
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    A Good Game for an Absolute Beginner?

    Lego games. Lego Star Wars to be exact. My parents never play video games because they get motion sickness JUST BY WATCHING IT. However, I remember trying to play Lego Star Wars with my mother and it was a blast. Get the original game, play with her, and Just.Have.Fun. You can't lose...
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    Topics you refuse to discuss

    Fight Club. Wait, does that count as discussing it?
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    Books you finished and just thought: "Well...that was shit"

    I haven't read the book, but if you get the chance to see the movie, then I strongly recommend it. It is truly fantastic as a movie. I'll take your word for it as a book. GRAH! THIS!!! SO MUCH THIS!!! I was confused some of the time (don't even get me started on the part where Roran assaults...