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    Zero Punctuation: Nier Automata

    Playing them beforehand is not necessary at all but it definitely enhances the experience, there's a decent amount of references and callbacks. Not to mention that they're all very unique and entertaining games if you like Taro Yoko's style, despite the flawed gameplay (Nier is actually fairly...
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    The Great Debate. Why 60 over 30?

    Why turn on AA? Why use higher resolutions? Because it looks better.
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    Game of Thrones: Adaptation Decay

    There's a very simple solution - just don't watch the screen adaptation if you've read the novels. I don't get why people do it anyway. It's one thing if you don't want to read the original material or hate the writing style, but otherwise why bother with adaptations? You're just asking to...
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    Diablo III Offers 50% Bonus XP This Weekend

    Without any kind of trading options a reasonably high drop rate is pretty much needed. While there're surely a lot of legendary drops now only a small portion of them is actually any good. And if you want to get a whole set you'd still have to farm for hundreds upon hundreds of hours. Not to...
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    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Sells 2.7 Million Copies in Its First Week

    Eh, with the new act, new class, ten extra levels and the adventure mode that's at least another fifty hours of playtime, which isn't too shabby at all. Especially the adventure mode adds greatly to the replayability since it lets you do things other than replaying the terrible story over and...
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    Report: Heroes of The Storm to Use LoL's Free Champion Model

    If they do decide to go along with rotating rosters then I probably just won't bother with the game. Having the majority of characters locked away makes matches way too boring.
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    2014 could be the 2nd crappiest year in gaming

    Just so you know, there've been bad video games since the invention of video games. In fact, they make up the vast majority. The existence of bad games does not make a year "crappy", the lack of good ones does.
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    Poll: I'm torn between a PS3 and PS4

    Why would you get a PS4 instead of a PS3? It costs more, its games cost more and there're only a few dozens games as opposed to hundreds.
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    Mo' Russian

    There're plenty of examples, you just don't notice them because they either speak English like everyone else or stay silent and just play well. Just like the Dota community in general doesn't consist entirely of the rudest scum of the Earth as many people claim, you simply notice and remember...
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    Is the Penumbra series any good?

    The first game is pretty good. In terms of atmosphere nearly on par with Amnesia but the controls are very clunky and overall it's (obviously) less refined. Definitely worth playing if you're into horror games. The second game I didn't like at all. It all comes down to preferences but the...
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    Respawn: Titanfall 6v6 Criticism Comes From Assumptions

    I don't get the complaints. If you want a shooter with big teams then why not just play CoD or BF or literally any other multiplayer FPS? Let people make something different for once.
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    Smite: Finally a MOBA I can enjoy.

    Meh. The game mostly feels like LoL with shoulder camera. Same mechanics, same kinds of abilities, same boring items, same business model. Not really a fan of the art style, either. That being said, I'd probably recommend it to someone who enjoys the way LoL does things. It's really not...
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    Update: MGR Revengeance PC Port Constant Online Connection Issue Fixed

    Now all that's left is a fix for 16:9 resolutions.
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    Valve Working on Steam Controller Compatibility for Dota 2

    That controller has 16 buttons or so, right? Let's see, one for scoreboard, six buttons for skills, the items you could put on the same buttons as the skills with a modifier, so one more, the same can be done with control groups, so two more (one as modifier, one for assigning groups) and then...
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    Happy New Year

    What's up with the blinking 17?