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    When's the last time you read books like these?

    Last novel by a black writer I read was the whole series of The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas (or maybe Le Comte de Monte-Cristo). The last foreign novel I read was "Perfume- Story of a murderer" by Patrick Suskind
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    The last videogame character you played as is trying to kill you

    Anduyn Wrynn is trying to kill me and the explorer from Spelunky is helping me.... Guess I'm pretty much Power Word: Dead...
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    Poll: Do you sing in your car?

    The pleasure of driving is precisely that I can sing without killing anyone in the process, which would actually happen if I did it in the open!
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    New Wonder Drug Kills Almost Any Virus

    Don't wanna be a bummer, but it PRECISELY is because penicillin was overused and not understood well that we have more and more antibiotics resistant bacterias... Even if it is wonderful, the fact that we couldn't know what would come from it's use as human intend to make of ti makes it risky...
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    New Wonder Drug Kills Almost Any Virus

    The first point IS indeed cynical. The second one turns out to be actually true... read my earlier post... Since we would kill what is today's "normal" viruses, the one thaty are not normaly "dominants" would get the evolutive advantage, making them a new threat, and making them probabily...
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    New Wonder Drug Kills Almost Any Virus

    As I said earlier, HIV is one of the "exceptins" they metion couldn,t work with DRACO since the target of the cure is NOT made by this family of viruses (called retrovirus)... they don,t have dsRNA they jsut have single stranded RNA which they transform in NA (like ours) which basically mean...
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    New Wonder Drug Kills Almost Any Virus

    You actually are pretty right. This and the fact that this cure has absolutely no way to activate itself in healthy human cell considering it fixes itself on dsRNA which is NOT PRESENT IN HUMAN CELL. It jsut CAN'T happen. Well it actually could; if human sunddenly had a major unjustified...
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    New Wonder Drug Kills Almost Any Virus

    Didn't quite understand the point you were trying to make at the end by saying "And that virus (since this a caspase, and that route is used to tell cells to die under a lot of circumstances) will be one deadly, tumor generating Bad Mother Fucker." because the caspase sequence is something we...
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    New Wonder Drug Kills Almost Any Virus

    Depends on the kind of virus -_-" It clearlys tipulates that if the virus has at some point a double stranded RNA it would theoricallyu stop it so... what virus are you talking about?
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    New Wonder Drug Kills Almost Any Virus

    They are actually talking abotu the ones that aren't having a double-stranded RNA as an intermediate messenger or genome stocking macromolecule (like retroviruses, which includes AIDS... it basically transforms it's SINGLE stranded RNA in DNA and injects it's genome in yours after a lot of...
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    Question of the Day, August 18, 2010

    +1 I like that
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    A fighting style you think is really really awesome.

    Actually, it has multiple names: Drunken monkey, drunken boxing, drunken style, the Drunken Immortal ten fists, or simply the drunken form. I'm doing Kung fu and i've been working on this particular form for weeks now and let me tell you it's freaking awesome!
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    Worst new release you've bought

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    198: Love Triangle

    LOLL! The first time you him is like..."Oh my God... why am I playing this game?" Knowing, at that moment, that he would become the source of sexual desire for some women would probably have made him way less scary.