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    Did Jim Sterling Dox People In His Latest Video?

    I'm not sure I'd class employees of an advertising firm public figures. I'd also point out that he revealed their email addresses in a video calling them shady and unprincipled. Given how much flack other have gotten for "setting their fans on people" in disputes, especially in both sides of...
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    Did Jim Sterling Dox People In His Latest Video?

    Why not they're contacting what is in effect a small media company on behalf of an advertising company, hired to represent said online casinos. It's not like spam in the general sense. I don't know of any company that uses assumed identities in business dealings. And even if it were a...
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    Did Jim Sterling Dox People In His Latest Video?

    In today's Jimquisition, "A Tale Of Casinos And SEO Juice", Jim Sterling covered the issue of casinos pushing undisclosed sponsored content for their online gambling services. Sponsored content like this is an issue worth talking about, of course. But what caught my interest was that in...
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    Creating a video game development course for my university - what should students learn?

    Ah right, that makes a lot of sense. It just struck me as odd to try start an academic course whilst not already an pretty knowledgeable in said subject. But then again games development doesn't have the same pool of preexisting academics that other fields do, and these things do have to start...
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    Creating a video game development course for my university - what should students learn?

    I don't want to be a downer about this but: you're setting up a university course and part of your process is consulting a random forum full of people who like playing games? It seems that you'd be better off talking to people with actual industry experience. Or better yet get them actively...
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    Split - Is M. Night Shyamalan Back?

    Read the title as Is "M. Night Shyamalan Black?", was very confused. On an unrelated note: it does seem like once you make a name for yourself you can just keep making films no matter how consistently terrible they are.
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    Is "c***" just a replacement for "f*****?"

    I have the misfortune of working with such a person, once declaring that Israel had thoroughly "cucked" the Palestinians. In response I've taken to referring to him as though he were my teen aged son, which annoys him no end as he's 24. The problem with that argument is that there is no...
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    Nintendo Addresses "Misinterpreted" Watergate Joke in Paper Mario: Color Splash

    Don't suppose anyone happens to know if she played the game herself or just had someone send her the screen shots in question?
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    #108: Duel

    I like how gunny has gone from struggling to to the right thing in his own game to offering himself for the safety of the hostages. That's some good old fashioned heroics right there.
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    Didn't know that (or really anything about final fantasy). That seems more dignified than her just standing there for ages beating the guy to death with her fists, which is what I assumed her intentions were.
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    Was not-tifa (as we are apparently calling her) about to execute a dude with her bare hands? That seems pretty crazy.
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    Grey is Old

    So when can we expect the "Little Princess Rectal Invader" t-shirts to be available on the escapist store?
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    Own 10 Or More Games On Steam? You Are Too Core For Many Developers

    If I were a cynic I would suggest that this apparent focus on gamers that stick with products long term is similar to the f2p markets focus on "whales". There's not much point in making a game if you cash cow s are just going to wonder off.
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    Has MovieBob been fired from ScrewAttack?

    So no bad tactics just bad targets then?
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    EA is "on a Journey" to Regain PC Gamer Trust

    When trying to regain trust blatant p.r. lines are not exactly a great place to start. Bit self congratulatory, which is bad when everyone hates you.