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    Quick a Protagonist is Coming act like a NPC

    Get out of here, STALKER!
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    Zero Punctuation: Two Worlds II

    A laptop? Are you kidding me?
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    Just Downloaded Steam

    Pre-order portal 2.
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    The fun facts thread---share your useless trivia!

    A blue whales heart beats once every minute. A classic: Gas doesn't smell. The smell was added as a warning for gas leaks.
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    Poll: Are cutscenes still necessary?

    Valve games (Half-Life and Portal) has proven that you can make amazing games without cutscenes. And some of the best parts were going around the scene, picking up stuff, teleporting it, throwing it around, jumping up and down the characters, and stuff like that. We don't need them as such, but...
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    Graverobber Starts Early, Steals Game Boy From Teen's Coffin

    Oh come on, might as well put the gameboy to some kind of use. I would be pissed if someone buried me along with my stuff.
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    Is Formula 1 racing a redneck sport in Europe?

    Formula 1 is actually a halfway high-class sport here.
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    Poll: The oldest game you still play?

    I'm not sure if it's Commandos or SimCity 2000. Whichever is older.
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    RPG what sex do you prefer?

    I used to play female in Mount and Blade, because she was pretty hot in her training outfit.
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    What's your strangest computer-related error?

    When half of my keyboard stopped working. All of sudden. And only half. Just random keys here and there.
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    Zero Punctuation: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    "If gaming was a disease, the first symptoms would be amnesia. And then kleptomania". Oh god, so true. I love ZP.
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    Gordon Freeman Saved My Life!

    Ho ho holy shit, dude. Catchy and cool, just the way I like my songs. Nice work!
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    Things you hate that everybody out there seems to love

    That girl from Transformers who everyone think is so hot. Right, Megan Fox. Also, the LOTR books, and GOW2
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    Poll: Should I meet him?

    Meeting internet-friends IRL is always a letdown. Don't.
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    Any Bilingual Escapists here?

    Jeg snakker dansk, und ich sprache Deutsch. Ein bisschen. And English of course.