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    Bourne Tops Box Office, Star Trek Drops Big

    Its a shame, Beyond is probably the best Trek movie since STIV, and quite possibly the most "TOS" Trek of them all.
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    Overwatch Game Director Says Tick Rate Complaints Due to a "General Misunderstanding"

    Actually, the feature that people want is in-game, as other posters have stated, but its in a non competitive game mode. The kicker though, is that the feature, as is, currently doesn't work and crashes the game. So the reason they don't have a lot of data on the tick rate feature is because it...
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    A Cosplayer's Response to Xbox's GDC "Core Values"

    Liana is right on about this. Equating dancers to "strippers" is a fallacy that people in this thread are making. It wa an after-party, I don't see the issue. If they were dressed in streetwear, would it have been received any differently? If so, that's the issue. Essentially that they're...
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    I used to dislike Anita Sarkeesian, but...

    Other Youtube commentators get death threats, vitriol, trolling and venom thrown at them (like Thunderf00t, who also had his face photoshopped onto some gay porn and circulated). His comment section is still open in his videos. Men's Rights Commentators like girlwriteswhat have open youtube...
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    So, I agree with pretty much everything in Anita Sarkeesian's Damsels in Distress video.

    My main problem with the "damsel in distress" trope, is that its only sexist if its used it a derogatory manner towards men. It supposes that the only reason a man would save a woman is because he views her as property or a non-person. Basically, it hinges on the idea that men lack empathy.
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    Jimquisition: The Creepy Cull of Female Protagonists

    Except that, like it or not, there are large swathes of the playerbase who don't enjoy playing as persons of the other gender. Heck, we've even had various women admit as much about playing as male characters on this very website. Its not a "sexist" thing, its just that some people enjoy playing...
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    My Take on Pre-Rendered Cutscenes.

    I actually quite-like the pre-rendered cutscenes in Halo 4 and Spartan Ops, and I'm not usually one to like stuff that isn't in-engine. Maybe its the quality? Not sure.
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    Who Killed Split Screen Co-op?

    If my girlfriend and I want to play a game together, we usually just lug her tv over and play together. I just can't stand playing splitscreen since it hampers field of view and gameplay experience more times than not, but I do think it should at least be an option, even if I'd never use it...
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    Poll: Does a horror game need to be scary?

    Well, remember, "scariness" isn't really as objective as many people would like to think. What one person might find scary, another might not. That's why I argue "scariness" isn't a prerequisite of the horror genre, because it assumes everyone is scared of the same things.
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    Poll: Resident Evil: Reboot or no Reboot

    Like I've said in the other threads, I'd rather they split off Resident Evil into two franchises. The more action-related one as one Franchise, and the slower traditional one as another. They happen in the same universe, and might even reference eachother on occasion, but have the more...
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    Time to put the Dead Space hate to bed.

    Well, yes, because you know that being scared is not a definitive aspect of "horror" right? Revulsion, the macabre, are all aspects of the horror film genre. Just like, conversely, movies about the supernatural are not necessarily "horror" on their own. There's no diehard line of what...
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    Time to put the Dead Space hate to bed.

    So uh, not understanding where the "horror" is absent in the Dead Space 3 demo. My girlfriend couldn't even watch me play the demo, and she's a Resident Evil veteran.
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    Resident evil will return to its roots.

    Although RE6 was nowhere near as bad as people seem to think (being a logical progression of the story and all), I just don't understand why Resident Evil has to be a jack of all trades game. Why not have more recent style RE4-RE6 games as one series, and the older, slower plodding games as...
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    Halo 4 is an abomination

    I'm pretty sure we didn't play the same game. The whole Cortana "machine" thing is alluded and brought up throughout the entire course of the game, with her remarking about being an AI, she only lives so long, etc. She's remarking how she lost control, and the Chief still managed to retain...
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    Your favorite game soundtracks.

    "Icarus" Deus Ex: Human Revolution <youtube=ZiN6t7K7txw> Absolutely, positively sets the stage for the improved Deus Ex setting. The feel, the clashing of old and new, the hint that things just aren't as simple as they look.