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    Earth Defense Force 2025 Review - Giant Insects

    This seems like a parody of this other review with the amount of GIANT INSECTS...
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    Easy Mode Hate Explained

    And finally I come out of lurking once more to maybe give a differing view on something. There are tons of games where you can change the difficulty to make it easier or harder to make the game more accessible to certain audiences and that's perfectly fine. The thing is when you're talking...
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    Unforgotten Realms creator making a game, Unforgotten Quest.

    Remember a few years back when the Escapist used to host that quirky little show about two friends playing a Tabletop RPG? Well basically, I still firmly believe that was one of the best shows this site has ever had, and for lack of an actual continuation of the show which hasn't had a new...
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    Your Escapist Nemisis

    I-it's not like I like you or anything Shinsei, y-you baka! OT: It would have to be YellowCellphone. Purely because why not.
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    Draw your favorite game's cover.. badly.

    I think I cheated with the game I chose, it's a terrible drawing nonetheless.
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    Say something nice about or to the poster above you

    Natster I want to hug your avatar with all of my hugs, also when I say your name out loud I can only say it with a lisp...Which is sort of a compliment.
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    Poll: What is Your Alignment (Escapist)?

    I try to act True Neutral, because everyone needs a mediator. But really I think I'm closer to Neutral Good if anything...
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    Poll: Rape is totally okay to joke about, right guys?

    Well damn, we totally need to make a new thread for people to not have a full opinion in right now, who's with me?
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    Poll: Rape is totally okay to joke about, right guys?

    Don't be silly, I HAVE TWO DIFFERENT THREADS TO VOTE IN! It's amazing, wanna say yes come here, wanna say no go there. BRILLIANT!
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    Poll: Rape is totally okay to joke about, right guys?

    Sometimes I just want to feel safe in the thought I can always answer yes, no, or maybe, on the internet, and sometimes that is taken away from me and I cry.
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    Poll: Rape is totally okay to joke about, right guys?

    I want to high five you so hard for this thread, I don't even give a shit about the topic but having the only options being no is fucking stupid.
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    Diehard Webcomic Fans Invent Fake Anime

    I keep looking up Homestuck episode 1 on Youtube but I'm not finding anything...
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    The Sneaky Escapist

    No it's Paladin...Though I see how the mistake was made. And I usually just keep a wikipedia page or something open on whatever I should be doing to switch over to.
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    Poll: Girls Don't Like Assholes.

    What a jerk, this guy likes to end threads in one post so none of us have anything to discuss! That was the most backhanded compliment I could give in the situation but seriously this is right on the mark.
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    what do you think of when you hear 'Hank Pym'

    The word small comes to mind, not much else usually.