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    8-Core CPU Heads Xbox One's Hardware Specs

    x86 has had no successor, x64 is just short for x86 64 bit. I guess I'm weird in that, given today's techbology, I assume if x86 is mentioned, they are automatically referring to the 64bit version of x86.
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    8-Core CPU Heads Xbox One's Hardware Specs

    X86 goes from 16bit up to 512bit, the current Windows line, from XP to 8 all support x86 64 bit.
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    8-Core CPU Heads Xbox One's Hardware Specs

    edit: I'm pretty excited about the new Xbox, just need some concerns addressed before I intend to buy it.
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    Xbox One Not Backwards Compatible

    The 360 architecture is powerpc based, which is not compatible with the x86 architecture of the Xbox One. Also, x86 is used still, namely x86 64 bit supported from Windows XP((maybe earlier) to Windows 8. No successor to x86 exists, so hopefully this won't happen again for a long time. Sony is...
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    Windows 8 Hits 100 Million Sales

    Not me I guess, I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 7 at the beginning of January this year, and despite having several physical copies of Windows 7, I'm still running with Windows 8. I even use several metro apps, and the Start screen. Waiting for a Chrome Metro to show up, curious how...
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    Nintendo Announces A Link to the Past 2

    Where's Link's fabulous pink hair! *flails around*
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    Missouri Man Pleads Guilty To Possession of "Cartoon" Child Porn

    I can't believe his own wife called the police on him. Kind of sad he's going to go to jail for not committing any real crime. More than likely, just a well adjusted person who had the self-control, and knew sexually abusing a real child is wrong as not to act on his brain's innate thoughts. So...
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    Wii U Pro Controller Boasts 80-Hour Battery Life

    Oh no, you'll have to move your thumb down to push the buttons instead of up. The thumb placement looks a bit more cozy, finally my my left thumb and right thumb will be on equal ground, yay equality! :3
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    Open-carry activist treated nicely by police; proceeds to antagonize officer

    Totally agree with you, Susan... Anyway, glad to see some cool police out there. :3
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    Poll: Cats or Dogs

    Bunnies are the best thing in the world. :3
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    Any anime you would Recommend to someone...

    Blue Submarine #6, the creme of the crop of anime.
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    Poll: How good-looking are you on a scale of 1-10?

    I come from a military bloodline and good looks is apparently dominant in our blood. I'm probably around 6-7 area, but could get to 9-10 area if I'd exercise, and get some muscle tone.
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    Wearing Shoes Inside - The Fuck?

    Always wear my g.i. combat boots indoors, I love how secure my feet feel. :3
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    Milk is pretty cool, I drink over a gallon every few days. Healthy bones. c:
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    Zero glasses, water is not even in the same league as white grape juice, not even close.