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    Need some piracy advice....

    Take video games out of your friendship then, simple as that. If you don't like that he pirates, then games are one discussion that you will not have with him, and you will not enjoy with him. When he asks why, and you tell him, and he decides that piracy is more valuable than friendship. Well...
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    Why So: Anti-Elf?

    You can honestly blame Legolas for that. He's one of the most popular elves, and most tend to forget that he was pretty extraordinary in comparison to his race. They want to create something elf related, and use him as inspiration. Which is silly to be honest. Elves aren't supposed to be...
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    Describe your sex life with a video game title!

    Pineapple Smash Crew
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    Valve Says "Hang In There" For Half-Life 2: Episode 3

    The entirety of the internet cried out in unison for this game... I dread the day when the game finally comes out and it doesn't live up to everyone's expectations... x.x; edit: Wait a minute, why did this show up on my front page? I just now noticed that the original posts were from...
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    Watch Videogame Pick Up Lines Brutally Murder Romance

    Seems like the writer of this article and a lot of people in this thread misunderstood the video. That's a shame. I'm actually amazed at some of the discussions provided from watching something like this. O_o;
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    Poll: Fanboys or Anti-Fanboys - Whats worse?

    Truly going to have to go with "anti" being the worse... More often than not, they judge things by the cover, and they almost ALWAYS go by hear/say. Given a certain subject, you'll notice they will all have the same argument. Really makes me feel that they can't think for themselves. Granted...
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    Games you consider overrated

    You would hate Arma 2 even more then. The other day I played a map that starts you off on a ship. 1. Get your stuff, get in chopper 2. Wait for everyone else to finish mucking around in getting their favorite weapons and get in chopper 3. Silently flail at the screen when the pilot...
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    Entire World of Warcraft Gets Recreated in Minecraft

    With the tools they have out these days that can help with large projects on minecraft. This is neat, but not as big of a feat as it would normally have been. The first thing people think of when it comes to minecraft is "Holy shit they built this one block at a time?" When... Nooo not...
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    Prepare to Meet the Pyro

    Yep, that's pretty much how they're going to run with it. Why I'm not entirely enthused. They know it's better to leave it all up to our imagination, because making any sort of reveal would kill the excitement and mystery built around the Pyro all these years. Nope, they're just going to write...
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    Rumor: Next Xbox Will Feature Blu-ray, Anti-Used Games System

    "Piracy is a big problem and we lose money because they would rather take the game than pay for it" - gaming companies. "Used game sales are a big problem and we lose money because people would rather buy used than new and we don't see a dime from that, so we're going the SOPA path by...
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    People blaming Obama for the blackouts

    Instead of laughing at them. I took the liberty to take this time to answer their questions as to why there is a blackout, AND INFORM THEM OF SOPA AND PIPA! Shame on all of you for not doing the same. We have their attention.. Instead of laughing at them, do something constructive with it!
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    Mass Effect 3 Gives Steam a Miss at Launch

    Sorry EA, No steam, no money from me! The one time I actually consider buying an EA game and you go and pull this...
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    Every kid in the US has to take a test made by you

    Easiest test ever! But then again I'm not sure what age group the OP's looking for in which we're aiming these tests.. Mine? 1) Who is your daddy? 2) And what does he do? ((Quite honestly surprised I didn't see this in the forums already))
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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Mind-Control

    Conditioning? Brainwashing? What?!? MLP was amusing for a while, but anyone who gets brainwashed from the cartoon needs to take a serious break from it. >_> MLP is fun and all, but for me it got stale after a month. Now I'm STILL cringing every time I see a pony related video in my related...
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    Not All ESA Members Believe In SOPA

    Here is a video from TotalBiscuit. If you haven't heard of him, he's a gamer who does a lot of first impressions on indie (and other) games, big in the starcraft 2 community and an entertainer. He explains in depth to what this is. Seems some of the stuff he touched on later on about...