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    Poll: Do YOU sing while driving?

    I'm still learning to drive at the moment, but I do try to instigate sing-alongs in another person's car on occasion. Does that count?
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    What's YOUR reputation on the Escapist?

    When I think of my reputation on the Escapist, a whole plethora of words and phrases that can adequately describe it come to mind. Words like "negligible", "a non-entity" and "I'm sorry, who?" are but a few examples.
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    If the Escapist was a city, what would YOUR job be?

    Hmm, I think I'd fancy being an informant of some kind for one of the major organisations in the city. Or I could go freelance and sell my information to the highest bidder. In a city like Escapistopia gossip, scorn and scandal could make me a fortune or two. Mercenary work would have also...
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    You are now an Escapist Moderator

    While I would absolutely love to go mad with power, but I fear that I'm probably far too nice to actually do such a thing. And never mind the colossal amount of time I'd waste trying to think of inventive ways to abuse said power. In all seriousness though, I suppose I'd do my damned job...
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    Can you beat him? Akinator Web game

    Just played it thricely: he beat me on Attila the Hun and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, but I was able to beat him with Emperor Constantine I. Huzzah!
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    How did you find the Escapist?

    As far as I recall I found out about this site after watching There Will Be Brawl, followed closely by Yahtzee's videos. Not sure what possessed me to join the forums, though that hardly matters now.
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    Borderlands 2: Choose your Vault Hunter!

    Seeing as Borderlands is a game I don't tend to play with finesse, I'll be going with either Axton or Salvador. The auto-turret action skill was a lifesaver in Borderlands, which immediately makes me willing to forgive Axton for his apparent blandness. As for Salvador? Guns guns guns! >:)...
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    Let's play the superpower lottery!

    Wait, so with my powers of Sexual Inducement, does that mean I can only make people mildly horny at first? Aww, crud. >:[
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    Let's play the superpower lottery!

    ...I got Sexual Inducement. Also referred to on the wiki as "Lust Inducement", "Instant Sex Arousal", and "Sexakinesis". ...sufficed to say, I've got somewhat mixed feelings about this result. And that a discete silence about this is in order. >///>
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    So I just found a Horker in Windhelm

    Only interesting glitch I ever had on Skyrim was when Windhelm's serial killer turned out to be unkillable. Instead of solving the problem I bought the house he was in anyway and just let him lurk in the room under the stairs, where my housecarl stationed nearby would ocasionally beat the crap...
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    Why Movie Adaptations of Games Suck

    IMO it always depends on the kind of talent that goes into said movie. While I try not to dismiss a movie adpaptation of a game on the basis that such things suck in general, the work of certain producers *coughcoughUweBollcoughcough* will inevitably spring to mind. On a less serious note...
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    Feed Dump: Test Tube Beef

    I do recall seeing the story on the grown/cultured meat earlier on the BBC news website. Though, sufficed to say, they did not have that hat. :P
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    You just got stabbed...

    I imagine I'll try to use my final breath to utter the most disconcerting thing I can think of before I die. For instance: "The cure to cancer is-" A cookie for the reference, naturally. :3
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    [Enter tedious career path here] Simulator ¬_¬

    Could I just point out that a Garbage Truck Simulator game actually exists? :P But for my own suggestion: Concession Stand Simulator.
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    The last boss you killed now runs your country.

    Ninetales from Okami? Well, he's just about as nefarious as the Coalition Government, so there's little change there. I think I could live with this. Although if he does manage to turn the UK into Oni Island Mk. 2, Google Earth would have a hell of a time updating the UK's location everytime it...