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    Lyrics or quotes that make you cringe.

    You're thinking about "All summer long", and yes, that is cringeworthy.
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    It's impossible to be sexy when...

    It's impossible to look good whilst eating Tacos. They break and make a mess of things, or they drip sauce down over your hands or something else that is equally unappetizing. If you're enjoying a taco, the only thing that actually looks appetizing is the taco itself.
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    The most disappointing characters

    I'm going to go for Talia Al Ghul in Batman the Dark Knight Rises. Her relationship to Bruce Wayne, as well as her angle to the destruction of Gotham and the depth of the character were all so disappointing when seen comparison to her appearances in the comics, the animated shows and even the...
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    Lyrics or quotes that make you cringe.

    First and foremost: Grace Kelly by Mika. I honest to God want to stick bared wire dipped in hydroflouric acid in my ears when I hear it. I could be brown, I could be blue I could be violet sky I could be hurtful, I could be purple I could be anything you like Gotta be green, gotta be...
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    What Disney villain does your boss most resemble?

    At my office, I am the boss. But I answer to a board of representatives, political activists ranging from 16 years old to 30 years. Usually nice, intelligent and really fun people. But if I'd screw up somehow they'd eat me alive. I guess you could say I have friends on the other side.
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    The issue of moderates

    I am well aware, but I am wondering if there might be some striking similarities between most geeks. Like there can be said to be within other subcultures.
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    I am getting married next Saturday

    Then I say do it, and post (if any) hilarious results.
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    The issue of moderates

    A bit of backstory: I recently moved away from home to a city on the other side of the county, it's actually quite a distance truth to be told. However I am lucky enough to know a lot of people here allready due to activety in various organizations, but very few of these people are in any...
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    I am getting married next Saturday

    Well, they say there's nothing quite like a woman in red, an practically everyone has a white wedding. Go for it, scare the crap out of your more geeky guests; but it would be wise the get permission from your spouse to be. Edit: Of course, these days everyone watches game of thrones, so it...
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    Old Games you want remade or rereleased

    I'd love to see Crono Trigger remade - or at least with updated graphics. The feel and the music from that game is still the standard I set for all other games, even though the gameplay itself was rather easy and the story didn't always carry. Despite that though, yeah: Crono Trigger.
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    The last thing you saw that made you say, "Shut up and take my money!"

    Jonathan Coulton and Pax's: "Code Monkey Save world" kickstarter project. I gave 300 bucks without a momment of hesitation. I got no problem having to wait until november to actually get the comic.
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    So , what's the point of being in a relationship.

    Being in a relationship helps you delude yourself to thinking you won't die alone. As well as giving you the comfort of knowing someone will be there for you when you fall and/or when you require intimecy.
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    Fictional characters you wish you could punch in the face?

    I think I speak on behalf of us all when I say that this little inbred bastard needs a knuckle in the nose.
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    What is your Badass Creed?

    "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." - Mark Twain My job is quite stressfull, I could work all day and all night and still have tons of work to do if I chose to do so. Sometimes I do, but I try to let myself have time to relax and have a life whenever I can -...
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    Pick a useless super power

    Hard choice I'd say but I'll have to either chose the abillity to turn cucumbers into pickles on touch, or the power to phase through unlocked doors.