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    Blizzard Says Diablo 3 Hacking Isn't Unusual - UPDATED

    ...and you don't think that's an entirely different problem from players having their items stolen by somebody else?
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    BioWare Uses Stock Photo for Tali in Mass Effect 3

    The thing is, those people they're based on are their voice actors, so it makes sense. This was literally some graphic designer googling up a random image, spending 5 minutes in photoshop, and putting it into the game as the face of a character whose looks had been a mystery for 2 entire games.
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    BioWare Uses Stock Photo for Tali in Mass Effect 3

    I stopped reading there because I can easily counter that with: "95 to 99% of the people defending this sort of thing are mindless consumer drones owing to a deeply unfulfilling life at home and absolutely everywhere else [citation needed]." Here's how it really works: 1) A company puts...
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    Poll: Sandboxing E.A. Origin - And did it work for you?

    Yeah that's what worries me. I'm not sure if that shit could fly in Germany though, consumer protection is usually pretty strict here. It's not like EULAs override the law. Bleh, guess it's all speculation until something happens anyway. Just gonna wait a few months.
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    Poll: Sandboxing E.A. Origin - And did it work for you?

    Honestly all I'm worried about is can I get in trouble if they find all the pirated EA games I have. Everything else I don't give a fuck about but so far, nobody could give me a clear answer on that. Can Origin identify illegally acquired software and can EA use that information to sue me...
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    First console and game

    Sega Master System II with integrated Alex Kidd in Miracle World or something. First game I remember playing though is Sonic the Hedgehog.
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    Deus Ex Leak Ends in Lawsuit

    They're not actually asking for just $ 5,000 dollars, that's just the sum that turns it from small claims to serious business legally speaking. Also they're legally required to take legal action against any kind of copyright infringement. Besides, their shareholders would probably not approve of...
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    K Computer Makes Your Gaming Rig Look Lazy

    If you're gonna steal Yahtzee's jokes, at least word them differently. Not trying to be an ass or anything but damn. Word for word man. OT: What would really interest me though is how many petaflops a common PC can manage. Because as it stands this article tells me absolutely nothing.
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    Student Exposes My Little Pony's Faulty Science

    I hate to rain on your parade yet again, but there are indeed people who 'like' the show. Living proof is right here. I heard about it on this very site, decided to see what all the fuss was about, next thing I knew I'd watched every episode there is. Just get over yourself, the animation is...
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    Student Exposes My Little Pony's Faulty Science

    Only it's a TV show, not a chan meme. Know what I'm sick of? People hating on this. I mean why? Seriously. It's a good show, people enjoy it, if you don't then just go somewhere else. Granted there's a lot of threads about it and a lot of people have Pony avatars, but you could jsut, you...
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    Creater of MLP is less involved with 2nd season

    I had pretty much the same opinion of the show as you do. I thought it was something on par with the care bears or the teletubbies. Something people watched and made fun of. When I heard that people thought this was actually good, I thought they were joking. Then after a while, I finally caved...
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    What instruments do you play

    I play the search baritone. Sorry, but there was a tread just like this like 3 days ago. Also: Guitar, bass, flugelhorn.
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    Poll: How much has the hacking of PSN affected your lives so far?

    It has brought me a lot of lulz teasing my friends about it.
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    Rumor: Nintendo's New Console Will Make You Feel

    So, the Nintendo Fiil?
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    Janitor knew where Osama was all along!

    Touché good sir.