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    The horror of IMDB message boards or: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the banhammer

    Yeah, I think the lack of moderation is a problem. I post sporadically on a few different IMDB boards, and I've never seen anything be done about trolls. Even ones that basically copy and paste the same three inflammatory comments over and over never get banned. If IMDB didn't allow users to...
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    Is difficulty a serious problem for you in games?

    I don't quite games due to difficulty often, but it does annoy me when they don't include difficulty selections. Usually when I start a game I go with the default "normal" difficulty, but I like being able to scale it up or down if I choose. Sometimes I want the challenge, sometimes I don't. For...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Internet Opinions

    Giraffe. English is weird, I wouldn't try to bring logic into pronunciation. And I guess I'm not taking the message of this weeks LLR to heart.
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    A Game You Wished Sold Well, But Didn't :(

    I can think of several games that I wish had sold better. Remember Me, Enslaved, and the 2008 Prince of Persia. None of them are perfect games, but I'd like to see them all get sequels.
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    Why gamerscores/achievements might win MS the next console war. Please no.

    I like trophies. They give me an extra reason to replay games or to play the game differently. I never would have done a no-gun playthrough of Mirror's Edge if it weren't for the "Test of Faith" achievement. The real problem with achievements is that some games use it as the only reward, like in...
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    World Of Warcraft Movie Starts Filming Next Year

    I will be shocked if this ever makes it to theaters. The only thing that would surprise me more is the movie actually being good. I just can't imagine it ever escaping developmental hell
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    Remember Me Review - Sadly Forgettable

    I'm still planning on giving the game a chance - the setting and storyline hooked me - but I'm going to wait for the price to drop to 40. I can't justify spending 60 on something without a lot of replay value. I've enjoyed plenty of games that are linear though, as well as games that only...
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    Poll: Most annoying NPC in open world game that MUST die!

    I chose the beggars from Assassins Creed, even though I hate all the interrupting NPCs in that series. The minstrels are the worst. Sometimes I would just say screw it and stab them anyways despite the penalties.
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    The best/most memorable/favorable/excitable weapon in any game

    If I could actually own any video game gun it would be the portal gun. I mean, I'd probably accidentally kill myself with it (especially without the leg bracers), but it would be awesome while it lasts
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    Italian Amazon Reveal Hints At Next-Gen Mirror's Edge 2

    I hope it's not an Xbox exclusive. I really enjoyed the first one despite its flaws. It fell a little short of the mark, but it has the potential to be an amazing property. All they really need to do is fix &/or eliminate combat, make the world more sprawling, and get rid of those awful...
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    Poll: Do you plan on buying a next gen console?

    I'll be getting a PS4, although I might have to wait until after launch. The PS3 isn't perfect, but I've enjoyed having one this generation. Everything I've seen so far has made me think the new system looks like a great improvement. Unlike a lot of people here I think we're ready for the next...
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    JRPG fans, what was your favorite leveling system?

    Probably Final Fantasy 10-2, which is the most underrated game in the series. The story is awful but the gameplay is so much fun. I can't remember if characters level individually but mostly the system revolves around leveling their job classes. The player has total control over each characters...
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    Poll: What should Final Fantasy do to drag itself from the muck?

    I chose going back to a classic style, but the truth is what they really need is an engaging story. Lilani is right, they've gotten wrapped up in a convoluted story with characters that vary from bland to annoying and that's what dragging them down. I'd prefer classic gameplay but they could try...
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    Xbox Infinity unveiling in less than 10 hours

    If the Infinity has backwards compatibility I would seriously consider buying one in addition to the PS4, although I would be really surprised if they included it. They'll probably just resell the old stuff digitally.
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    Someone Wants To Buy Kingdoms of Amalur

    I bought this game new after playing the demo, and I ended up regretting it. I had fun with it at first but eventually it became a grind to just finish the whole thing. I ran into a glitch during a story mission (that would be really easy for anybody to stumble into) and I ended up quitting...