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    New Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Trailer Shows Off Another Nazi TV Show from the Game

    Could only think about how that kid looked like somebody had de-aged David Mitchell and cast him as Fallout's VaultBoy. :P
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    Poll: Fermi Paradox: Where are they? (About Aliens)

    Cixin Liu presents a funny little explanation in his trilogy that begins with: "The Three Body Problem": :P
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    Zero Punctuation: Get Even

    *reads title* Get Evan? What happened to Carter?
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser Trailer Released

    Well, I suppose if there absolutely must be balance, then the existence of a Jedi requires there is a sith as well... :P
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    The Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer Features More Story Information

    Soo... I guess there will be no need to bother with any of the previously hyped "Golden worlds" then, other than in a short: "Oops, that didn't work out as planned" introductory chapter, that constitutes what promotes the player to dad's old job... :7 (Unless they just spoiled a later game...
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    Oculus Touch - Pick It Up

    I don't know which from a great range of ailment may be yours (I suppose it doesn't manifest in "lazy eye" form, or you would probably have indicated something to that effect), and with that blood flow matter on top, I am sure it is a very nasty thing to deal with, but still, staying with the VR...
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    Frontier Developments to Adapt a Hollywood Movie for its New Franchise

    In their pre-self-publishing past, Frontier made a game called: "The Outsider" (visually it was Watchdogs, before there was a Watchdogs :P), which EA were interested in "reskinning" as a Jason Bourne title, before it was ultimately cancelled. Not entirely inconceivable they could retrieve it...
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    Next Fallout 4 Patch Improves Visuals on PS4 Pro, PC

    ... My lousy unreliable rural internet connection via 3G has a 50GB/month cap... *hops into settings to disable automatic updates* :P
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    #161: Elements of Crystals

    Most literal case of "infiltration" to date.
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    New Dishonored 2 Trailer Focuses on the Mysteries of Karnaca

    Nonsense? It's so heavily implied in the first game, they might as well have shown the conception as it took place. As for the trailer's matter of how far one is willing to go; Supposedly the game does let you tell the outsider to stuff it, but I can't exactly see myself trying to make it...
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    #155: Scene

    Somebody has to... :P
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    #150: Halp

    Dragon Age? (Think I've seen it (and a few other homonymous variants) several places actually... In Morrowind you have the less formal "sera" and "muthsera", for, not nobles perhaps, but (more or less..) deferrently to misters and misses, respectively -- It seems to be a dunmer thing... )
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    #145: Gloat Time

    Hummh... That calm and cheerful at the prospect of unleashing fiery hell upon people... I'd be just as freaked out as Erin and Rad.
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    Mass Effect - Andromeda's Main Characters Are Brother And Sister

    Does this mean they will each be written with a distinct personality of their own, creating different dynamics depending on which you play, or will they mostly interact 1:1?