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    XCOM 2 Dev is "Working Furiously" To Fix Framerate Issues

    Wait 2-3 seconds, then press capslock. Loading will complete almost instantly, with a very slight chance of crashing.
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    Watch: The New Suicide Squad Trailer

    I was hoping that Leto's Joker was only going to get a one scene cameo. Apparently not. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
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    NASA Founds The Official Planetary Defense Office

    Could have been EXtraterrestrial COMbat Unit too... Vigilo Confido!
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    Hideo Kojima Will be Inducted into the AIAS Hall of Fame

    Well, at least he's able to accept THIS award in person.
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    X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Gives Us An All Evil Team, And a Bald James McAvoy

    I'm just happy he doesn't look like Ivan Ooze from the Power Rangers movie anymore. Or maybe it's just the lighting.
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    Star Wars VII - What if LUKE is the villain?

    Guys, remember this Moviebob episode? This is JJ Abrams' schtick. And like always, nothing interesting will come of it.
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    Project Spark Will Soon Be Completely Free

    Oh sure, they make it free NOW and not when I had to get it for my university projects. Typical.
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    The Ig Nobel Prize: Make a Bee Sting Your Penis, Get an Award

    That links to the "Is ?Huh?? a Universal Word?" article, not the bee-sting one. On a side note, how much drugs do you have to do to think of finding out how much bee-stings hurt, never mind how much they hurt on your wang?
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    Persona 5 Delayed Until Summer 2016

    Hoped that it wouldn't be delayed, but kind of expected it. Still, gives more time for the PS4 to drop in price. My PS3 died a few months ago, so I'm debating a repair or an upgrade.
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    YouPorn Gets a Firm Grip on eSports With Signing of DOTA 2 Team

    Actually, it IS news. Back in December, Youporn signed a SPANISH team named 'Play2Win' with a roster consisting of Ragabash, LolQoP, SolmyR, Lawliet_91, and Mengue. The team they're signing NOW is an AMERICAN team 'No Broodmama' with a roster of Elevenxforce, DotAplayur11, Eraj, Kengan, and...
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    Doctor Who Season 9 Prologue Keeps Things Mysterious

    Incorrect there, the Doctor was granted a new regeneration cycle in Matt Smith's last episode "The Time of the Doctor", otherwise Doctor Who would have ended right there with Smith's regeneration being the last. As for the new season... I probably won't bother to keep track of it, but I'll...
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    Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Arrives - Update

    Luckily I managed to get Arkham Knight for free when I upgraded my graphic card. Didn't have to pay a cent. I suppose I dodged one hell of a bullet.
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    XCOM 2 Delayed

    Damn. I don't think I'll be around my desktop in February. And my laptop can barely run Enemy Within. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
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    Does Your First Anime Still Hold Up?

    My first anime was Digimon Adventure So yeah, it holds up well.