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    iPhone version?

    Hi i really like Reading the escapist,but due to all the big ads and images, it takes ages to load via cell phone network. Also, the site is quite big and it involves a lot of panning and zooming to find what I'm looking for on the site. An iphone-CSS would be really cool. Also, I'd like to...
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    Plants vs. Zombies Coming to XBLA

    it's the developers fault that the game doesn't support gamepad, and you have to sit in a chair. I have a 40" screen and play almost all games on the PC sitting on the sofa. However, i think that gamepad control for plants versus ZOmbies wouldn't be that good. I play pvz on a tablet PC sitting...
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    Germany Wants to Ban Paintball

    And the only way to proof that this is the wrong way is to have somebody start another school shooting. If there wouldnt be any shooting, it means that the law worked. At least for the politicians who initiated it. All these anti-violence laws have the opposite of the intended effect. Ony...
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    Fallout 3 DLC Coming to Retail

    im really looking forward to this since I cannot download the english Addons in germany. However, they should have been waiting for the 3rd DLC before making that box. Idk if i'll get only the two ones. maybe I'll wait for a game of the year edition or something.
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    196: Building a Better Achievement

    A game's guality is really dependent on the quality of its achievements. The Game with the most boring achievements was Oblivion for the 360. You just have to complete the main quest and some guild quests. bethesda did a much better job with Fallout 3. One of the best achievements ev0r is...
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    Eight Guitar Hero Games in 2009?

    Ok, that's it. i thought about getting the next guitar hero for PC, but they don't understand what makes guitar hero. I don't want to play multiple games to play different music, and i don't want more similar games every few months, so i just won't get any of them. too bad, because this can...
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    New Fallout 3 DLC Increases Level Cap

    sure, u need a LIVE account for downloading the content on the PC. It was widely known before. The Fallout 3 DLCis one of the reasons, the LIVE standalone client was released.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Year in Review - 2008

    Zzzz... sorry, lame!
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    EA Releases Spore De-Authorization Tool

    Which means, that YOU have one? I don't I didn't want to buy and and I didn't buy it. The De-Authorization tool doesn't make me getit, though. The problem is, that, if all games would be DRMed like this, you wold have to run 50 de-autorization tools before you re-format your PC. And usually...
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    Fallout 3 Edited For Japan

    get the import version as ppl in germany do. You'll get used to it :)
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    174: Crossing Boundaries

    Good Article. I live in Germany, and think, that many ppl - or just the core of the hardcore gamers - here just don't care about these laws. The internet is still uncensored, so you can still be informed about new game releases, and due to germany being in central europe, surrounded by...
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    Zero Punctuation: Silent Hill Homecoming

    speak a lil faster as u didin the first movies ;) restis ok, plz try toavoid spoilers.
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    Beyond Good & Evil Greenlighted for Sequel

    No, I'm saying, that I will not play games that are designed to be played with game controllers with the keyboard, just because somebody decided, that nobody is playing with gamepad anyway. And it's sad, that they didn't even finish the first game yet, but announced the sequel. It would be much...
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    Beyond Good & Evil Greenlighted for Sequel

    I played BG&E for about 5 minutes. the keyboard crotrol was just terrible. I don't understand, why they didn't let players conrol such a great game with a gamepad. I mean,it's a game, so why do I ahve to play it with a typing board? its ok for counter-strike, maybe. but that's all. Yes. I bought...