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    The end of the Marvel comics multiverse is coming

    I think it's really hard to care anymore. The New 52 shat all over my DC, and that put me off superhero comics enough that I only really read them when someone lends me a collected edition. My guess (without following the link; see above re not caring) is that they're going to try and make it...
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    Big surprise, the new Fantastic Four movie is a wreck

    "Actually Reed, it's about ethics in video game journalism!"
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    Any good game/general geek sites that dont moan about sexism/racism/homophobia?

    Not until we invent article-writing robots incapable of considering anything outside of a very narrow set of guidelines. Probably better to find somewhere that aligns with your biases than chase the impossible dream of a site that attempts to separate culture from...well, culture.
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    Escapist Editors in the Midst of an Exodus?! -Updated-

    Escapist: I don't even understand why anyone would fly fish. Clearly everything was superior in the old days when we spear fished. Modern fishing is a travesty. Thanks for killing my hobby, fishing developers!
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    Escapist Editors in the Midst of an Exodus?! -Updated-

    OH YEAH! Come, have a glass. You'll soon find all your troubles just...melt away...
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    Escapist Editors in the Midst of an Exodus?! -Updated-

    I vote we go somewhere entirely unrelated to games, like a fly fishing forum, and warp it into Escapist 2.0
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    Escapist Editors in the Midst of an Exodus?! -Updated-

    On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for all things drops to zero. Plus, you smell. OT: OH NO! If the Escapist goes, what shall become of my arbitrary numbers? My post count, my join date, my only true measures of worth in this confusing life! Oh god, what about my badges...
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    The Top 10 Worst Portrayals of Gamers on Television

    Conflation, my unfortunate brother. There are, I'm sure, perfectly reasonable GamerGaters who are actually concerned with the lack of journalistic ethics like yourself. However, there are definitely a lot of abusive, misognyist types using the hashtag/movement to vent their bile and shout...
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    The Top 10 Worst Portrayals of Gamers on Television

    Plus there was that one episode of Vernoica Mars where she goes "undercover" as a girl gamer at some kind of weird underground gaming club full of anti-social dudes terrified by her presence. Blech.
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    My First Assassination - Hands on with Assassin's Creed: Unity

    ...are any of those things that require explanation? Not only do swords and knives have different weapon stats to show the difference, basic common sense provides as much as we need; shorter and lighter weapons are faster but less damaging, for instance, when swung. As for ladders and...
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    How Society Defanged The Vampire

    Nah, don't really matter what the blade is so long as the head comes off. In the first episode with Gordon Walker, Dean takes the head off one with a circular saw. /Supernatural geek
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    A Declaration of War

    Hell no. Someone posts a declaration of war that isn't about feminism or gamergate? I'm all for it. OT: What's in it for me? I don't go around joining every League that asks, I'm not that kinda girl.
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    Talk about the things you love

    Thanks! That's cool, always good to be doing something creative. My girlfriend is forever pestering me to write creatively, but whenever I do I end up hating the results. Much easier to write about other people's work; those who can't do, become critics. If I were him, I'd have stuck with...
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    Looking for sort of a "normal-paced Devil May Cry" game for PC

    Most of your fights take place in open spaces. Sometimes you'll seige a castle or town and have running battles through the streets and castles, but more often on mountains or in forests. That said, while the atmosphere is hardly gothic it does do a good job of making you forget where you...
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    Talk about the things you love

    Not bad, not bad. Stressful, exciting, terrifying - if the doctors are correct with their dates, I will become a daddy before the end of the week! You? Eh, I dunno. It can get horrendously complex when you have to consider rules interactions, but if all you want to do is play big creatures...