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    #069 - Small Print

    Some grocery stores now deliver your groceries, and that can include fresh fruit. Also, I'm not sure how wide spread this is, some local farmers will ship fresh local food right to your door. There's a service where I live that sends you a box of local fruits and veggies once a month.
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    #030: Rad Panda

    Rad kinda looks like Cory. I just noticed that.
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    Creative Differences

    I've been giggling for almost 3 minutes straight. Lovely job Cory, as always. And Grey, as much as people ***** about him, he's pretty good about mocking himself.
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    STRAFE is The "1996 Style" Hyper-Violent FPS We Deserve

    I thought we'd grown out of the whole "ultra violence is the coolest thing!" Using it as a marketing point makes whatever is in the offering feel juvenile to me. Pass
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    Guilty Pleasure Games

    I love Hidden Object games for unwinding. I get a pile of them pretty cheap off steam when the sales hit (like 55 cents cheap) and pick up disks with 5+ from stores. I love my regular games, but sometimes I want something simple and these deliver.
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    Poll: How much Harry didya watch or read until you were done?

    I read up to half blood prince, but never finished it. I'm not much of a movie watcher so I've only caught bits and pieces here and there.
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    people's misunderstanding of Korra and Asami

    Fanfic writers change the sexuality of characters all the damn time. Or do you not read them? Honestly, that is the silliest reason I've ever heard. On topic Korrasami is canon. Deal...
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    Target Audience

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Stores decide not to carry stuff ALL THE DAMN TIME! I worked at a walmart and was told to take all the GTA VC copies off the shelf. They were no longer carrying that title, because of complaints. I never saw a huge blow out over it, only some...
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    Grim Fandango Remastered Coming Next Month

    Never played this game, but I've always be curious. I look forward to picking it up.
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    What was the worst game that you pre-ordered?

    Mana Khemia 2. I love NIS, I love the original and these things don't get huge releases, so I preordered. Terrible game, nothing at all like the original. I was a very sad Sosa that day.
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    Your opinion on Let's Plays

    Dunno if anyone's posted this, but for anyone complaining about commentary or blind runs, you don't want a let's play, you want a Walkthrough. Big difference. I love LPs myself. I cannot play certain games due to being a massive coward, so I watch a fair number of horror game LPs. I don't...
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    Target Australia will no longer stock GTA5

    Why is this an issue now? I worked at a walmart that took copies of GTA SA off the shelf after complaints. I spoke with someone who said all copies of Catherine were boxed up and sent back. So now that one store did it, people are pissy? This happens, it's not new. It's been happening since I...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Not On Twitter

    This level of dedication is why I love you guys so very very much It's a real website. Now I must hashtag to show my devotion
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    you longest hours campaign playthrough in your life

    Ignoring WoW, on a single character I have 250+ hours on my main in Phantasy Star Online on my Gamecube. And that's just my main toon. I have others over 100 hours... I really liked that game for some crazy reason.
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    Jim Sterling Plays Terrible Game, Angry Dev Reposts Video With Response UPDATE 2

    To be honest, the developer started it. Jim did a first impression of the game, which was honest and what a new player might think or notice. The developer replied with profanity, insults and personal attacks AND PUT IT ON YOUTUBE! He was asking for trouble, and Jim has never asked people to...