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    Ubisoft: "DLC is Pretty Much Accepted Now"

    I like DLC that is done right, Ubisoft Not the crap you and others try to pull. From Software's DLC to Dark Souls is an example of how to do it right in my opinion.
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    Critical Miss: Child of Light

    HEY! Don't you dare call human skin masks creepy.They are awesome. You just don't know real art. >Xp On topic, I never played the game. It sounds interesting.
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    $500k iFind Kickstarter Campaign Suspended, Possibly a Scam

    Dang. Tough break, Evil Smurf. How much did you sank into that?
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    Kickstarter Hacked, Customer Information Compromised

    True. There will never be complete security. But It seems they're going all out in the begining of the year though. First Target, now Kickstarter. It could be worse though.
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    Kickstarter Hacked, Customer Information Compromised

    Well that stinks. So much hacking going on recently. Either security is not as good anymore or hackers are really working hard.
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    Shia LaBeouf Throws in The Towel, Retires From "Public Life"

    Too bad I guess. He was really bad. He's also crying he's no famous anymore. Tough cookies? /shrug Edit: I meant not really bad ("-_-)
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    Nintendo: Petitions "Don't Affect What We Do"

    I got to agree with Nintendo on this. You can't always give your audience everthing it wants. Nintendo isn't disregarding what it audience says, its taking it into consideration and weighing it against different factors. It makes sense to me.
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    What was the most satisfying weapon you've used in a game?

    Magic sword Mokoto from Demon's soul Never put it down when I got it. Gargoyle's halberd from Dark souls I just love it for som reason. If yu said gear then I would have said Armored boar helm. I just go crazy when I put it on and got want to beat the crap out of everything that...
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    The Stanley Parable Maker Promises to Change "Racist" Image

    Yeah. I don't think this will go the complainers want. Remember Raphael. I will be surprised if womething like this didn't happen. EDIT: Brain farted and forgot how to embed a video.
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    Lyrics or quotes that make you cringe.

    Tyler the creator. I feel disturbed after listening to his music. I would show one of his music videos but I'm don't want to risk my perfect record of getting in trouble with the mods. Just look him up on youtube and you'll see what I mean.
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    Superpower Lottery - Making Money

    Ok this sound like fun. Are you kidding me? The irony is just horrible. Anyway, besides being a pink lantern or a mercenary. I can be a... therapist? Fuck it, I'm re-rolling. From...
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    A question of Child Pornography and creative freedom.

    If no one is being hurt in the making of it, it should not be illegal. Even though it is disgusting.
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    Political Correctness and Halloween Costumes

    They didn't need to pull it. Just change the name. It's not that big of a deal. Just request a name change. -_- There is too much uproar for something this small.
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    Jimquisition: To Play The Villain

    Oh crap. what gay furry porn was he sent? O_O *Sees it School Daze* Oh that. Could have been worse. *shrugs*
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    Poll: What's Your Deal With Easy Mode

    I use easy mode to enjoy the story then use the harder difficulties to enjoy the challenges. I just never liked it when they mix.