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    Poll: What should I do about Borderlands 2?

    So Borderlands 2 is finally upon us and I can't wait to play it. However, I have a minor dilemma and I was hoping to get some opinions and feedback from you guys. I preordered the Ultimate Loot Edition and I can't decide whether or not to just keep it or turn around and sell it on eBay for...
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    TV shows that jumped the shark

    Scrubs. Scrubs had an amazing ending in Season 8. Then they tried to ruin it with another season where we lost many important cast members.
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    Games that you mentally declare non-canon.

    I'm sorry, Fallout 3 was the first game in the series I played, and the reason I love it like I do. What did it get so wrong with the lore?
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    What was the most recent Zero Puncuation when you first happen upon this site?

    Can't remember the exact one, but I do know it was before COD 4. If I had to guess, I would either say Assassin's Creed or Guitar Hero III.
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    1) Arcanine. None is greater. 2) Lapras 3) Luxray 4) Haxorus 5) Tropius 6) Umbreon.
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    Steam Sale 2012 - What games emptied your wallet?

    - Cave Story + - Dear Esther - Deus Ex: HR - Fallout: NV Ultimate Edition (birthday gift for a friend) - Hydrophobia: Prophecy - Metro 2033 - Serious Sam 3: BFE - Ys Origin - Ys: The Oath in Felghana I can't remember individual prices off the top of my head, but the total comes to...
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    Protagonists you hate

    The main characters of Tales of Graces f, excluding Malik.
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    10 Things Most Americans Don?t Know About America

    Thank you for showing me this website. 20 minutes of casual reading and I feel like I have so much to learn from it. Seriously, thanks.
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    New pokemon are different

    No I got that right. To be honest, I just picked Breloom out because I wasn't particularly fond of it, not because I hated it. How about instead of Breloom I say Nosepass, or Combusken? I have a tough time finding a design in Gen 3 that I just absolutely hate. It is entirely possible that...
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    New pokemon are different

    Gen 1 rocks because of Arcanine. Gen 1 sucks because of Jynx. Gen 2 rocks because of Umbreon. Gen 2 sucks because of Magby. Gen 3 rocks because of Blaziken. Gen 3 sucks because of Breloom. Gen 4 rocks because of Luxray. Gen 4 sucks because of Kricketune. Gen 5 rocks because of Haxorus. Gen 5...
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    Open Steamworks Unearths Steam's Summer Sales

    I guess I'll get Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Hydrophobia, and Metro 2033. Might grab Bioshock if it's cheap enough. It's been long enough since I played it last. I was really hoping to see the Mass Effect trilogy get bundled since I have yet to finish any of them, as well as the Penny Arcade games.
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    Great movies that don't get the attention they deserve

    Bunraku is one of my favorite movies. Speed Racer is pretty damn awesome too. I think both of these didn't get enough attention for how pretty and fun they are to watch.
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    The List of People Going to Hell

    1) Democrat (when it comes time to vote) 2) Drunk (I'm a college student so double sin right there) 3) Rock & Roller (I like music in general) 4) Pothead 5) Evolutionist 6) Abortionist 7) Liberal 8) Fornicator Not to mention, I'm a former Christian, so really I just keeping shooting...
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    Dawnguard: Buying tomorrow?

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    Dawnguard: Buying tomorrow?

    I'd buy it this second if I could.