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    Games that you will never play. Ever.

    Nah, just do what I do and play stuff like a botlane with no ADC or support and watch your opponents cry themselves into a pile of dust because they have no clue how to play against anything that isn't meta. Actually ran a very fun and effective game with 2 mates the other day, we had...
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    Katawa Shoujo - Hanako's Story (COMPLETED 18/08/2014)

    I haven't posted in this thread before but I just randomly decided to let you know how much I've loved reading this story so far. I've been checking for updates every few weeks since about the end of Act 2. I can't ever compare your fanfic to Katawa Shoujo itself, that game made too heavy an...
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    Game of Thrones T-Shirt Leads To Suspension Of College Professor

    Statistically yes, but 34 in almost 5 months is a lot more then the, what, 0? we've had in Australia this year (and last year too I think). If someone can get some info on that by the way (even if it proves me wrong) I'd appreciate it, the closest thing I could find to information on...
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    Poll: Would you kill your clone?

    Why would I kill my new League of Legends/Co-op/Team multiplayer partner? Same taste in games and 100% synergy! We'd probably also try and figure out a way to differentiate ourselves, I've always thought about cutting my hair short. The main way I see this being a problem is for people in...
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    Major Changes In Youtube Involving Let's Players

    You're totally right, people who enjoy their jobs simply don't count. And it's not just full-time LPers either, there's musicians, indie game developers, actors, writers (particularly ones that "work" for websites so they get to stay at home) and all kinds of other people who don't have actual...
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    Xbox One Skype and Streaming Apps May Ban Users for Swearing

    Microsoft bought Skype YEARS ago, so yeah, it is very much a part of Microsoft. Edit: I know it looks like I didn't read Strazdas's post, but he edited it while I was typing.
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    Update: Saints Row IV Ditches Drugs To Gain Aussie Blessing

    There's no hopefully about it, voting is mandatory here. Also I don't think the government decides what the classification board does or who's in it (And who's in it? mostly women over 40 []) The whole...
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    Atlus and Nintendo Team Up to Give You Money

    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned that this probably has something to do with the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game.
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    Fan Video Introduces Super Mario Kart to Cruel Reality

    The sprites he was using came from the SNES version, which was the first. The SNES Mariokart sets the bar for cheating scumbag AI... I recommend trying it but you probably aren't going to get very far.
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    Refurbished 3DS Now Available From Nintendo's Official Store

    Well the pic in the article is a regular 3DS, the picture I posted was an XL. The XL has rounded edges and much softer corners.
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    Refurbished 3DS Now Available From Nintendo's Official Store

    So about all I really took away from this article is that the 3DS comes in purple. So I looked online for a purple 3DS-XL and found this picture: And now I'm sad that I can't have one... Anyway: It's cool to see official DSi-XLs being sold at under $100, it's old hardware by now but...
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    Could you be attracted to a bisexual?

    Straight male here (represent the majority y'all!) and I'm actually in love with a bisexual so yes, I'm not entirely sure why it would be an issue... Before I met her my answer would still be yes, heck young-teenage-pervert me probably would have found it a turn-on. It's weird to think about...
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    Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Receives August Release Date

    6 months? don't scare me like that >.< We're roughly halfway through April (0.5)then there's May (+1 = 1.5) June (+1 = 2.5) July (+1=3.5) and then it's August (+0.5 = 4) Something really important happens for me at the beginning of September and if that was 7 months away I'm not sure I'd...
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    One-handed Games

    Did no-one suggest SpaceChem? SpaceChem is fun. Also a mouse with extra buttons isn't as expensive as you might think. Lets put it this way, if you can afford Bioshock Infinite then you can probably afford my favourite mouse ever...
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    ''Wait... they're voiced by the same person?!''

    I think this every time I hear Quinton Flynn []. This guy voices EVERYTHING. The full list is pretty amazing but for a small list of some of the larger things he's been in (in my opinion) we've got: Dead Island, Dynasty Warriors (Zhong Hui, Guo...