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    Zero Punctuation: Metroid Other M

    The ninja retards couldn't even give the game a proper title, WTF, Metroid came from NES to SNES, TRANSITIONED INTO 3D SO FLAWLESSLY, then Samus got humiliated by being played on the most anti-gamer system ever, and now this. FUCK ME. BTW Send condolences to this guy's family, he just...
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    Escape to the Movies: The A-Team

    The movie is same as most block busters since the last couple years, it makes your brain seriously dumb as shit, but the explosions are fun, so if you want entertaiment, it's money well spent. If you saw Star Trek, it's about exactly the same, exept it's written in character and thus isn't a...
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    Zero Punctuation: Red Dead Redemption

    I don't get your last point, Yahtzee. Complaining about games being a time sink is complaining about the whole modern gaming industry. The last time i had some challenge was when i was playing Contra (or Atari2600 games, since the games were about high score, so it had a way to compare yourself...
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    BioWare: MMORPGs Have "No Point"

    What a successful MMO needs is innoavtion and emphasis on interaction with other players. BioWare didn't show any of these so far. They can write a good novel and force non-gamers to read it, but AFAIK they can't do a good economy, PvP system, party system, or any of the other important things...
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    Zero Punctuation: Alan Wake

    The game is boring as shit, but this review isn't any better. It's like you forgot to read what you wrote in the notepad before puking out the words to the microphone.
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    Game Dogs: Episode 10: E3

    How long can you drag an unfunny joke.
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    Zero Punctuation: BioShock 2

    oddly enough, this expresses what i though about the game
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    Review: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    a game that has a smiling, bouncing red dildo to indicate your power is atleast trying, i don't know what it's trying, but points for the effort non the less
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    Space, Flying and Space Flying

    all this made me dust off propobly the oldest remaining pc joystick, freespace 2 almost done installing
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    Review: BioShock 2

    the game is not worth the number 2, it's exactly the same game, but you play as a big daddy, it's like making half life: opposing force half life 2, doesn't work big daddy controls exactly like your average fps protagonist, you do exactly the same things as you did in the first game, exept...
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    Reliable Source: Revenge, Sex on the Battlefield 2

    she loved you, she didn't want those comics and games to be your whole life, i understand that, how can you just move out to play some more games over trying to settle things down with your own wife, she wouldn't treat the whole thing so seriously if you had a looser connection to your inner...
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    Raise the Roof in Midgar With Vinyl Fantasy 7

    nothing that hasn't been done, Super Matt's World does it for me, nothing's impressive after
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    Dungeons & Dragons Banned in Prison

    seems justified, i'd ban broken telephone too, there can be unnecessary casualties
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    Zero Punctuation: Bayonetta

    good review, game's carried by western's entertaiment innocence when compared to japan's, it doesn't deserve the scores it gets
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    Dragon Age 2 Will Look "Super Hot"

    great job, bioware becouse we really need cutting edge graphics in your interactive graphic novels