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    How to Play James Bond Without Getting Your Tuxedo Dirty

    I remember GM'ing this back in the '80s. Although I was very fond of the game I found it didn't really work with a typical player group of 4+ - in fact the optimum number seemed to be 2. Any more than that and you were struggling to find things for people to do. Still, good times.
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    "Digital Dementia" Threat Causes Concern Among Doctors

    I've tried googling "Balance Brain Centre Seoul" and "Byun Gi-won" and the only links that come back are references to this news item. Proper scientific findings, please, or GTFO.
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    Feed Dump: Phone Snooping

    No Graham, with that kind of wig it's pronounced ENG-GER-LAND.
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    Judge Dredd Returns to the Big Screen

    If they intend recreating the 2000AD Dredd there needs to be some weird future-tech (for example: Otto Sump's Ugly Clinic or the Smokatorium), some social satire (see previous) and please God some *humour*. Frankly this trailer didn't exhibit any of those three.
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    Fallout 3: GOTY help!

    Sorry to hear of your disappointment. If I'm in any doubt as to how well (if at all) a game will run on my PC, I find a visit to this site helps: Can You Run It
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    What bullshit have you convinced people was true?

    About ten years ago I convinced my line manager that computer cables needed to be straightened periodically to prevent bottlenecks in data flow. "You see," said I, "as everyone knows, digital data is made of ones and zeroes. As the zeroes are round, they move along fairly freely, but the ones...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Rarelywinter

    That lad seems a bit young to be drinking beer. But of course, cHustle isn't real, so it was cold tea... right?
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    Gamers Crack HIV Viral Code

    Next on Fox News: "Gamers create downloadable version of AIDS - We ask, "Should I burn my computer?"
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    Dungeons and Dragons.

    I got back into tabletop RPGs through I'd be surprised if you don't already have a local gaming group you could join. I'd wait until you'd actually played a game or two before splashing out on rulebooks. Get some dice though. You can never have too many dice. EDIT: Double post, sorry.
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    Dungeons and Dragons.

    I got back into tabletop RPGs through - I'd be surprised if there wasn't a gaming group in your area.
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    The protagonist of the last game you played wants too have sex with you.

    Chopper Harris from Killing Floor? Psycho football hooligan turned monster slayer? Eek... be gentle with me.. (runs)
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    Scientists Train Computer to Understand "That's What She Said" Jokes

    I'd say this was worthwhile research. An AI, or just a computer designed to interact with humans, would need to understand the subtleties of communication, including double meanings. A simple example would be if your spellchecker could spit correctly spilled wards that are incorrect in their...
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    Poll: LARPing... Sad-nerdy or awesome-nerdy?

    Since I was a member of Treasure Trap waaay back in the '80s (1st UK LARP venue I think) it would be hypocritical of me to vote "Sad", but I couldn't bring myself to do that sort of thing these days. Still, good times, good times.
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    The tragic hero of Portal (spoilers)

    Given the quality of writing through this game, I wouldn't be surprised if your interpretation is right on the money. I did wonder for a while whether Wheatley was supposed to have been 'evil all along' given that in his closing speech he
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    Extra Punctuation: Death in Videogames

    I have to say I prefer the option of saving and have never felt it diminished my enjoyment of a game.