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    Games That Would Make Good Movies/TV Shows/Books/Etc?

    Im gonna Say the Fallout Series. Since we as humans are so in love wit the end of the world it would be a great tv/movie series. Fleshed out characters and weird creature designs.
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    Farcry 4 and Assassin's Creed Unity missing from Steam?

    I went to go check after I had heard about this. But when I went on i can still see Unity and Far cry 4 on steam.
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    Things you Believe should have been added to a Game already

    Im just gonna say it. Heists for GTA5 Online. Jesus if I would have known I needed to wait a year after its release date and it would have been on next gen. I would have just waited until now to buy the game.
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    What game character would you most like inviting to your birthday and why?

    For my birthday coming up in Dec. 13. I would love to invite the following. Ezio from Assassin's Creed: Why? So we can get drunk and hit on some girls :D Lightning from FF13: Because she is so cool and one of my favorite FF characters Steve from Minecraft: Cause well he would probably bring...
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    Poll: Survival. By any means necessary.

    Here is a scenario for you. Say you're walking down the road in an apocalypse. A raider runs up to you and tries to kill you. You happen to kill him first. Now you have been starving for a week. Any longer and you'll die. This guy as no food or water on him, but he isn't sick and he has lots of...
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    Fox News Begins Two-Part Series Linking Games to Mass Murder

    Fox News? You mean the people who eat babies are going to argue that video games create murderers? Ok if you need me I'll be in the I'm not insane cave enjoying my copy of GTA V
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    Unexplored game settings/enviorments

    The American Civil War is not used enough I think. Maybe an Assassin's creed game set during the war?
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    Creepiest bosses in non-horror video games

    Matt Miller from No More Heroes 2
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    A sequel to a game of your choice

    Mine would be Bully 2. C'mon Rockstar make it, we know you know that we want it.
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    Weapon degradation in games

    Depends, If I'm playing Dead Rising, Shadow of Rome, or an RPG like Fallout 3. I think its perfectly fine. But if its like Dead Island it can be a bit annoying.
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    Injustuce: Gods Among Us

    Should I get this game? I really like fighters but I never play them to Evo status and pop them in once and awhile. If I should get it what character should I start out with including DLC.
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    Sequels to games that deserve them.

    Yes we all wish our favorite games had a sequel but I'm here to ask what games deserve them. They need to have character development, great gameplay, great story, and so on. I think Bully deserves a sequel. Now I'm only asking for games that have no sequels already.
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    Xbox One's Reputation System Locks Harassers Into Their Own Hell

    They do realize they are making an Xbox right? Jesus Christ the moment you buy an Xbox you tell the store clerk that he is a camping Twat for staying behind the counter for to many seconds. I'm sorry but 90% of the people who are going to buy a xbox one swear like a sailor.
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    The best Survival Horror Game out there.

    To me it's a tie between Dead Space and Resident Evil 3, both which I have not beat. I have not beat Dead Space because I barrowed it from a friend and RE3 is because I recently got it but it scares the piss out of me, well more of Nemesis scares me. Plus the noises and music in the games give...
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    Sword play/combat

    Spartacus Legends its free for Xbox gold and PSN