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    Movies with Good Conversations

    The Man from Earth has been mentioned a few times - and I concur wholeheartedly. I also suggest Before Sunrise and Before Sunset (the latter being a sequel to the former, and arguably the better movie but both deserve mentioning) since they're both essentially long conversations. Really good...
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    Show me a good anime please

    I'd recommend Samurai Champloo because, barring the non-Japanese criterion (it's set in feudal Japan after all), I think fits all other criteria. It's sword-fighting goodness set to a pretty good hip-hop soundtrack. Pretty good story too. Oh yeah and it's made by the guys that also made Cowboy...
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    Recommend me anything Noir.

    Recently read China Miéville's The City & The City, which can be considered a 'weird fantasy noir detective' novel. It's critically acclaimed, and I thought it was pretty damn good too.
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    I've always had a bit of a 'playing life on hard mode' vibe from veganism. Like eating normally isn't difficult enough and you want to deliberately handicap yourself for the extra challenge.
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    Poll: Would you date a transgendered person?

    I voted no, but I wouldn't call myself transphobic. There's a pretty big nuance in the spectrum between 'don't hate' or even 'like' and 'actively want to bone', after all.
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    The Professor Oak Personality Index

    As a psychology major, I am deeply upset by this article.
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    The Big Picture: Science!

    Once again Bob Chipman asks all the right questions.
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    The Big Picture: The Toxic Avenger

    It really is amazing how Bob frames my entire cinematic formative years into historical and political context like that. Insightful and and entertaining as always, still a big fan!
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    Adult Escapists: What do you do for a living?

    25, finishing up an industrial psych degree while working part-time as an administrative assistant in an HR department.
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    Do you believe in luck?

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    Jazz music!

    Might I suggest some Scandinavian nu-jazz? Not exactly your standard fare, but surprisingly good in my humble opinion. Think: a lot more catchy, more orchestral, and liberal use of electronic elements. Though I'm sure especially the latter is considered heresy to some (if not many), it has my...
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    Reccommend me a new guitar

    My metal buddy plays Ibanez, but I'm partial to a Les Paul (or Epiphone equivalent). Don't buy any of that Warlock crap. I own a Fender Strat. Love it to bits, but it's better as an all rounder.
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    Poll: Body modifications?

    Had an eyebrow piercing at one point, but the silly intern bint that set it failed to account for swelling. After a week or so, my eyebrow swelled up and the top bit of the bar sank into my eyebrow. Got ugly really quickly and took it out after a month or so. It was enough to turn me off body...
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    Ethical Dilemma - Sperm Donation

    I'd see no trouble donating per say, and I don't think you have an ethical obligation either way. It would be kind to do, but if you'd want to go the extra mile - also, something I'd do - is get to know the prospective parents a bit better. How healthy are they, exactly? You said the husband...
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    Do you believe in luck?

    What, you mean luck as in chance? Like that an event with a 5% chance of happening could happen a million times over? I mean, sure. What would your religion have against things like that? Would you say that you believe in like, complete predestination, that all events are guided by an unseen...