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    Jim Sterling leaves The Escapist

    I hope he has better luck than Marcus Beer when he went independent...
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    Terrible movies that you like

    I quite like the film Drive Angry. It's just so over the top and cheesy I can't help but enjoy it.
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    She's my Waifu and you can't have her!!!!

    Best Waifu Close Seconds
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    One of Those "Aw c'mon!" Moments

    The ending to Edge of Tomorrow. In my mind that movie will always end about 5 minutes before it actually does.
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    What was your first Platinum Trophy?

    The first game I got all the achievements in was Prototype 2, but that was on PC, so it wasn't technically a Platinum Trophy, so I guess my first Plat was Infamous Second Son.
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    Poll: Well, RWBY volume 2 trailer is out, Time to start talking

    While my biggest problem with S1, the animation, looks to be improved, the voice acting still mostly sucks (Blake especially in this trailer) and I'm still not a massive fan of the school setting. The sooner they get out of that the better. I still feel disappointed from the original character...
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    Your favourite boss in a video game

    I'd probably go with either Armstrong or Monsoon from Metal Gear Rising. I don't even think I can explain why, they are just really fucking awesome to me. The music plays a big part, but they are just so satisfying, and require quite a good amount of skill and timing to beat.
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    Satisfying Endings[Obvious Possibility of Spoilers]

    I think that Steins;Gate had a great ending. I really liked how it ended on a happy note, considering what Okabe went through, heavily implying that The OVA kind of ruined it by revealing but it's possible just to ignore that episode really, it didn't really add anything important to the story...
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    Panty, Stocking, and Pop Music

    I also thought that was pretty crap. As far as pop music in Anime, I love Kill la Kill OP 2. (Sorry about the link to the drum cover, their is no upload of just the song, probably because of copyright)
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    What anime got you into anime?

    As a kid I watched Digimon, Pokemon, Shaman King, etc and I really loved it, but what got me into anime recently was Madoka Magica. I really love that series, and it led me to watching all the anime I do now.
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    Today's "Recommend an Anime" thread, brought to you by Zhukov.

    I have recently been watching a couple of Anime in hopes of getting into it. A while ago I watched Persona 4: The Animation which is based off of Persona 4, and I really enjoyed it, having played the game first. Recently though I watched Madoka Magica and I must say it's simply amazing. It's...
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    Are you a Rocker? (Rock Band / Guitar Hero)

    I'm a massive fan of Phase Shift which is a RB/GH clone, and some guys over on the Frets on Fire forum ported over all the GH and RB songs, pretty much making it the ultimate Rock Band/Guitar Hero game. I play it quite often, about 30+ minutes a day, and I play on Hard mostly, but I can do some...
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    Funniest YouTube channels?

    Game Grumps and Rooster Teeth have already been mentioned, and while they are funny, I think that 2 Best Friends Play is probably the funniest. Their Let's Play of Heavy Rain is probably my favourite but most of their stuff is good.
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    Game franchises where you like less popular entry the best?

    I would say that Rayman 3 is my favourite Rayman game and Sonic CD is the best Sonic game. Pretty sure those are the least popular. People normally jump to Rayman 2 and Sonic 2 or 3 for said franchises.
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    Great games you've never completed

    Resident evil 4 and Half Life 2.