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    Nintendo Direct 13th September 3pm PT: It's Happening Take Two Edition!

    Dear Nintendo, You don't want me using emulators and I don't want to be using emulators. So how about you start making a bunch more GBA games playable on my 3ds and put Gamecube games on the Switch. Because if the only way I can play them is via emulators that's what I'm going to do...
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    Nintendo Direct 13th September 3pm PT: It's Happening Take Two Edition!

    We've seen plenty of smash. I'm just lookin' for Metroid and Fire Emblem.
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    Scary/Disturbing moments from non-horror game

    Yeah... back then... they certainly don't creep me out in my 20s.
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    Are Bioware style party RPGs dead?

    I see you are also a fan of culture.
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    Just bought NES and SNES Classic consoles on Amazon

    I got an SNES classic and I love it. I would say be cautious with the NES unless you have played some of those games fairly recently. The vast majority of NES or 8Bit games in general have aged terribly in almost every regard.
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    Doom Eternal Gameplay

    This looks awesome. It's as if they just took Doom 2016 and turned it up to 11. Also, was anyone weirdly reminded of Halo 2 by this for some reason?
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    Video Game Crossovers You'd Like To See

    Pokemon and Dark Souls. My idea is a Dark Souls style game but with Pokemon. Where eventually you unlock different Pokemon which are essentially different load outs and after you level up enough you get the next evolution. Also it's done in the art style of Dark Souls. Also Solaire of Astora in...
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    Anthem dev blames Zelda BOTW for Mass effect Andromeda's failure.....wut?

    The Witcher 3 came out 3 months after Inquisition. I'm pretty sure it didn't do too much damage to Inquisition's launch.
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    Is the Switch another Wii U?

    Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll to stick with it. I remember trying to get used to dual analogue sticks, WASD+Mouse and flight sticks. Maybe if I put more effort in I can get the hang of it.
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    Is the Switch another Wii U?

    I know a lot of people say this but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Maybe it's because I'm a grouchy old man who thinks that Pong is a young mans game but every time I try gyro controls on something like Splatoon I just can't hit anything.
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    What you want to see at this year?s E3

    I'm mostly interested in Nintendo. Now I don't care all that much about the Smash Bros part, I like Smash Bros and I'm almost certainly buying it, but there are some other things I want to see. Such as some info on Metroid Prime. We probably won't get much but any estimated release date/ window...
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    I wish there was a Tolkien-esque Fantasy Cinematic Universe for something.

    Dragonlance would be an ideal setting for that.
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    Some design choice you question

    Phantoms in Mass Effect 3. Ok so we have an enemy that's small, fast with a powerful melee attack? Sure that sounds find. But they also have lots of barriers so they're surprisingly tanky. They can dodge most of your powers and when they cant they simply throw up a shield which makes them immune...
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    Nintendo Direct announced for March 8th 5pm ET

    Please let Solaire of Astora be a Super Smash Bros character.
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    Paste?s Top 50 FPS of All Time

    Well for me, I'd have to say 60 fps is the best. It provides smooth gameplay and pretty much any worth while machine can run- Oh you meant as in shooters.