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    The Big Picture: The Fall of Kevin Smith, Part III

    I had the same thought, does this make us horrible people?
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    Temple Run To Be Warner Bros Big Screen Blockbuster

    Alright, WB, here's how you do this. 90 min of him running through a temple from demons. That's it. No dialog, no special effects, just one guy running away from three other guys in ridiculous makeup. Seriously, do it straight, do it dark, and DO IT CHEAP! Sit back and collect money. Hell, we...
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    Xbox One Launch Games' Install Sizes Revealed

    My thoughts exactly. Why don't they just go back to the carts? No more installs, no more hard drives. Win, win!
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    J.J. Abrams Yearns For Mystery In The Star Wars Universe

    As moviebob has said before, Abrams is obsessed with his mystery box, and this quote only serves to reinforce that theory. I am not looking forward to this.
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    No Right Answer: Best Space Series Ever

    I agree 100%, I was disappointed when they didn't bring this up
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    No Right Answer: Best Space Series Ever

    They did specify it had to be complete, Firefly hardly counts. Dr. Who is also mostly about time travel more than space travel, they had that up during the show too.
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    Half-Life 3 Not In Development, Claims Valve Voice Actor

    Wait, he said that Half Life 3 isn't in development. But that doesn't mean HL2:E3 isn't in development!
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    X-Men: Days Of Future Past Goes Viral In Trask Industries Promo

    I imagine we are less than a decade away from metal free machines. Structurally, we already have carbon fiber, fiber glass, polymers, etc... I think the most difficult thing would be a metal free computer, but it's the X-Men universe and Magneto is sort of a known entity. X3 had the nonmetal...
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    Nosgoth Brings Multiplayer To Legacy Of Kain

    Place your bets! MOBA or MMO?
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    Sunken City Holds A Wealth Of Archaeological Treasures

    Something from Rapture?
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    Did Deep Space Nine Rip Off Bablyon 5?

    There are some other similarities: Both stations are near powerful ancient alien artifacts (Wormhole in DS9, created by the profits; The Planet machine in B5). Both series have a war with an extremely powerful enemy which seems hopeless at first (Dominion in DS9, Shadows in B5). Both...
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    Nintendo Reveals Wii U Launch Date, Price

    If I am not mistaken, Japan gets 2 gamepads in its Deluxe version, which could possibly explain the cheapness of the American price, also, the strength of the Yen and all that jazz. I am disappointed that the American Deluxe version does not come with a second game pad though.
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    Zero Punctuation: Darksiders 2

    Did anyone else notice that in the panel under the video, it says Sleeping Dogs and not Darksiders II? Fractally padded is my new favorite descriptor
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    Feed Dump: Cons, Moms, Bones & Waffles

    Oh lord, the gender bending abounds everywhere!
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    Sony Buys Gaikai Cloud Gaming Service

    My biggest issue with the cloud is that pesky bandwidth cap most people have to deal with, myself included. I stream all my movies and TV through Netflix, and play a lot of LoL and I've almost broken my bandwidth cap multiple times. If I had to stream my console games on top of that, I'd be screwed.