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    British Student Loses Extradition Battle Over Copyright Violation

    What do you propose we do? You hold all the cards here and are using them to enforce your laws on our people in our own country. If I write the Prime Minister, I'll get a polite letter back from his secretary's assistant's template folder thanking me for my interest and saying that the issue...
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    Sen. Leland Yee Offers Holiday Shopping Advice for Parents

    Your point is well made, sir. As you say, the long term effects of exposure to violent media are unknown. To me this means that any legislation is premature in the absence of evidence for the negative effects of the thing legislated against. All we have now is that short term exposure to...
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    What game do you wish you could play for the first time again?

    Minecraft. I have seldom so enjoyed being really really confused. It's almost a shame they put in that tutorial/achievement system.
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    Sen. Leland Yee Offers Holiday Shopping Advice for Parents

    You think that a 15 year old should not be allowed to purchase and read books like All Quiet on the Western Front or Fight Club? Perhaps they shouldn't be allowed to look at paintings by Goya or listen to music by Wagner? I disagree, sir. As to the rulings, the US takes an all or nothing...
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    Anyone remember Homestar Runner?

    I am the proud owner of a Kick the Cheat plushie. I also still wear my Trogdor t-shirt. You might say I'm a fan. What are they doing nowadays anyway? I'm likely to become a fan of whatever that is :) EDIT to reply: Yes they did. You can also find them on Steam. They're point and...
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    I Am Alive Producer Dismisses "Bitching" PC Gamers

    You'll have to speak up; I can't hear you over the sound of people shovelling money into Activision/Blizzard's bank account. Here's an easy calculation to do at home: take the number of people "bitching" at you about the PC release, assume 40% of them will actually purchase the game...
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    Poll: Does our generation recognise copyright laws?

    I agree that creators should have some legal protection against unscrupulous people and organizations who would use their creations without credit or payment given. I also think that Intellectual Property rights should be non-transferrable. If you created it, you own all rights to it. Simple...
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    The Monty Python Appreciation Thread

    gotta be the argument sketch. Easily my favourite.
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    What has made you smile today?

    Desert Bus has raised nearly $70,000 at this point and they're still going. That's gonna make a lot of kids happy :)
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    Your favourite race in a video game?

    Vikings. In any game that they appear. Dwarves are also Vikings.
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    Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

    You're moving the goalposts. The challenge was to find games that "feel as fresh now as they did on release." (paraphrased). Games which were gamechangers in their genre is a different thing. As you've kindly pointed out though, there are a few games in my above post which belong on both...
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    Questions Still Swirl Around EA's Origin Bans

    So EA customer service is either grossly inept or deliberately vindictive. Not surprised the executives want things dealt with quietly.
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    so I'm going to a burlesque show...

    Why yes! I am British! How did you know?! We're far too reserved for all that frilly French dancing nonsense! :P If you're located anywhere near London, feel free to PM me and I can send you details of the event. I'd post it here, but I'm not sure what the forum rules are vis a vis...
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    Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

    You defy me to name any other game which feels as fresh now as it did on release? Ignoring the obvious fact that games released very recently (like, this year) will have this quality, I'd be willing to nominate a few: Team Fortress 2 Half life 2 Portal Beyond Good and Evil Zelda: Wind...
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    so I'm going to a burlesque show...

    A good friend is in a burlesque show soon and she invited me to see her perform. I'm not that comfortable around displays of sexuality (nothing against it in principle, I just feel weird around it) and I'm not sure what to expect. So yeah, I'm quite nervous about attending. So a few...