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    Poll: Could you love a vegitarian? or visversa

    Well of course i would i mean i would look at her as if i see a mushroom and say "Its a me Mario >:)!"
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    New Devil May Cry announced

    Dante with black hair ..... THATS IT ARTIST/CREATOR KILLING TIME
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    Why Do So Many People Hate the Police?

    Not all the cops are bad. Some maybe but some do their job right catching the MFs that do wrong while others actually drink coffee an eat donuts(i couldnt believe my eyes i thought it was only one of those folk jokes) Anyway i have someone that had 65mph while in a town 100m later BAM cop pops...
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    So Mountian Dew just went on sale here in the UK

    Ugh im gonna get cut in 2 for this i cant tell the difference between MD, 7UP or Sprite they just seem the same to me slightly different but still the same old thing
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    Stupidest reason to shoot down a game

    I think gameplay and story go first graphics second(i dont want on screen cubes) last other things but if they dont mix its not a game its an amalgam of data on a dvd, hdd or whatever you want it to be ready to be opened
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    Poll: Do People Pirate Because it's Free? Or is There Something More to it?

    well i pira.... "borrow, borrow" for many reasons main one being my country(Romania) is stupid when it comes to prices, service and import only the very very famous ones make it in but the ones i like dont e.g. Blazblue isnt here even for console yet the first one
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    Zero Punctuation: Transformers: War for Cybertron

    Happy Holiday boss see you when you come back. Also your reviews make a point and make us laugh everytime. You`re the reason i played Bioshock, HAWX, Painkiller and many others(though some werent a recommendation and such i feel a sickle in my throat), but i had to experience those for my own...
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    Do you talk to the games you are playing as if you were in them?

    Cant say that i dont. I guess they chill me out sometimes but in HAWX i went fuck you i know how to drop a bomb i dont need your stupid ERS
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    Anime Review: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Part One

    Everyone has a point except the guy that started this namely Mr. JoshV sorry buddy but you cant judge FMAB comparing it to FMA. The first one was more character depth while the second focused on the main story maybe more on Hohenheim but still great nonetheless. Also its sucks that you didnt get...
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    Anime Review: Toradora!, Part 1

    Simply said: Its worth watching its nicely done, funny and other stuff that may surprise you in pleasant ways
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    Yahtzee needs to take a break from Zero Punctuation.

    Sure he would need a break for himself as a person or until some more s**t comes out for him to tear apart. Besides every week i wait for ZP since its effin awesome.
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    Your FOXHOUND Name!

    I got Shotgun Panda It fits me all too well
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    14-Year Old Kills Father for Taking Keyboard Away

    3 things 1.*insert random taunt or smth idk* its just sick 2. he just went back like *i just killed 100points woohoo* 3. that keyboard is in a very frightening way just like Logiless i already saw the news and what i saw was *OMFG video games fuck ruin lives* usual stuff here but still...
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    There Will Be Brawl: Episode 10

    awesome series but for some reason i want kirby dead still a good ending in a way oohhh and Happy New Year!!
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    There Will Be Brawl: There Will Be Brawl: On Set

    Well this has to be something that has made me laugh and left me speechless AND made look at all the places that you definitely look at ^_^ great story, great acting its just efin awesome. This should become a game im serious sure it might be dark and stuff but its awesome. Its too bad its...