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    Green Lantern is Gay

    I thank you for the spaces after your period and two exclamation marks. I can move on now. Green Lantern is gay! Let us move on!
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    Green Lantern is Gay

    NO! We do not move on until you add spaces after your periods!!! WE CAN NOT MOVE ON!!!
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    Favorite WRPG of all time?

    Baldur's Gate 2
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    Have you ever discovered a hidden gem of a game?

    I can't believe how many AAA titles have been listed in here as "hidden gems"... Come on guys... I was looking forward to reading this thread and now I am thoroughly disappointed. I shall kill a kitten for this outrage. Now let me try and think of a hidden gem... I am very mainstream you...
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    The worst save. Ever. Of all time.

    Saved over my one and only save state in an emulator where I was playing Shadowrun (a very long game for a Genesis game) with a save state of the credits... Obviously I hit save instead of load :(
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    Saints Row the AWESOME!

    You make me so happy with this post. I LOVED SR1 and SR2 for this reason. That and the fun... the customization (vehicles and character). OH MAN I CAN'T WAIT!
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    Aliens are invading and you are armed with the last weapon you used in a video game.

    I played as Mordekaiser in LoL. Does that mean I get his mace, his spells, or the items I had?
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    You are Walking Down a Hall, Turn Around and See This...

    I'm a big guy, I reckon I'd stand toe to toe with that thing. Might be silly since it could have supernatural strength or something else hidden about it... But I don't believe in that shit so seriously that thing and I would come to blows (in real life). If however I knew it was supernatural I'd...
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    I'm a gaming journalist now, The Escapist! Yay! Got tips?

    Do not a bad job but always a good. Write more well than others.
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    Poll: If you knew FOR A FACT that playing video games were slowly killing you...

    Nope. Barely play them now and if I had a good reason to stop completely I would.
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    Thing from a game you've most wanted to exist in real life?

    I'll take the Blacklight virus. I want to be Alex Mercer :( Except not whine about being an indestructible super mutant.
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    Shit That I Don't Get: The Direction Up

    I've never actually heard the song, but as with most of the interwebs I knew the lyric "fuckin' magnets how do they work?". What a terrible song... DERP I DON'T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING, MUST BE MIRACLE. Sorry to go off topic. I think this thread was over with this post:
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    Poll: Victoria police given permission to fine swearing

    Just moved out of Victoria. Very glad. I swear like a sailor... I'm a government worker, we swear all the time in the office... RIDICULOUS.
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    No Sleep For A Week- Dangerous?

    And so have you paid your friends? You lost. Bigtime.
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    Why did Warhammer mmo 'W.A.R.' never become big?

    I played Chosen from launch and for 9 months after that. Let me describe one FANTASTIC month of patching. Patch 1: Take away Chosen's respectable single target dps. Give Chosen amazing AoE dps. Patch 2: Take away Chosen's amazing AoE dps. So yeah, Chosen ended up with nothing. No AoE dps...