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    The Last of Us being made by Sony and Naughty Dog

    It's an excellent trailer, and I'm rather excited that a studio like Naughty Dog are working on something like this. Although I am being cautious about getting too hyped up, it is only a trailer after all. One thing I can say for certain though is that it will look gorgeous.
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    Best and worst games so far this year

    Best: L.A. Noire Portal 2 Dead Space 2 Worst: Bodycount Duke Nukem Forever Call of Juarez: The Cartel
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    Irish: are any of you it?

    Yep, born and raised in Co. Limerick and my parents hail from Co. Kerry.
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    Favourite Radio Station In The GTA Franchise?

    Alternative/classic rock is my thing, so either Generation X or K-DST from San Andreas.
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    Traditional Single Player Experience Gone in 3 Years?!

    If this the case then I guess the number of new games I buy per year will drop significantly. I'm not much of a social gamer.
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    Getting a 360, what good games would you recommend?

    If you like atmospheric/horror games then I recommend Condemned and Condemned 2. The first is one of the best and most underrated games I've played on the 360, the second is a very good sequel and both should be dirt cheap.
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    Best/ favorite song &/ or band

    Favourite band - Radiohead Favourite song(s) Karma Police - Radiohead Odessa - Caribou Obstacle 1 - Interpol Education - Modest Mouse Come As You Are - Nirvana Favourite album(s) In Rainbows - Radiohead Songs for the Deaf - Queens of the Stone Age Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand...
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    Post some useless trivia.

    Hens can change their sex from female to male. Hens only ever use one of their ovaries (I'm certain it's the left one). If their active ovary becomes damaged, a hen could potentially release a very high amount of testosterone and turn its other ovary into a testicle, along with a complete change...
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    So, how did you break up?

    It was some time ago, but I broke up with my ex-girlfriend in person. It really wasn't an easy thing to do, but I figured I owed her the respect of doing it in person rather than doing it with a text message. I broke up with her because I wasn't sure if I could commit to the relationship any...
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    Your current favorite song

    I wish I could stop listening, but I just keep coming back to it every time I go near my iPod.
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    Make a complaint about the game(s) you are currently playing.

    Alan Wake - There's very little variety in the enemies you fight. You encounter all of them in the first 2 chapters and I haven't fought anything different since.
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    Poll: Deciding between 3 very different games

    Well I haven't played Serious Sam or MK, but I can say that Crysis 2 is very, very good. It has a decent length (10, maybe 12 hours) and some spectacular set-pieces, not to mention it looks gorgeous. The multiplayer is good too, it's different enough from other first-person shooters for you to...
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    Fallout New Vegas

    Yeah it's worth getting. I played it when it first came out and I had to stop due to bugs. I started playing again a few weeks ago and I've barely had any bugs at all. The patches have done a good job so far, for me at least.
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    Dead Space

    DAMN! Double post, sorry.
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    Dead Space

    Dead Space does fail at producing decent scares (for me at least) but I do admit both Dead Space games have a fantastic sense of a tense and creepy atmosphere. I think you play it expecting it to be less scary than it is you'd enjoy it more. THIS! It's just a brilliant game, it has one of...