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    Disney Paints a Collector's Edition for Epic Mickey

    I can't believe they're calling it Epic Mickey. It just seems so trite - until now I was under the impression that it was just a codename, much like Project Dolphin for the Gamecube.
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    Your 5 favourite bands.

    No real order: The Beatles Jonathon Coulton Bob Dylan And ... um ... Frank Sinatra and The Doors to round out my list. Those above are my three top favorites by far.
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    251: Mega Man: A Transmission from Another World

    The only thing I could think of the whole time I was reading it was "Your name is John Constantine? HOLY SHIT." Good article, too. Thanks!
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    EA Considering Paid DLC Before Game Release

    If they took that chunk out of the full-retail price, this strategy could be great. Yessir. That's what of a lot of you naysayers need recognize, actually, assuming this is used to give people a taste of the game. You pay $15, you get, say, 1/4 to 1/6 of the game content. You enjoy it...
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    Doctor Who Travels Through TARDIS to Wii

    These two both. I doubt it will rise above the level of "one more tie-in shovelware game" and that would be a crying shame. Why? Because it's Doctor Who, and the last thing Doctor Who needs is a videogame, and the REALLY last thing it needs is a shitty game. Plus, well, what the hell would...
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    Webcomic Contest Winner: Out of Tens

    Not much more to say. Rock on, Doctorpus!
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    Body-Popping no Problem for Natal

    This is exactly the reason people should care more about it. Also, even if it's not going to be terribly practical in many videogames and shoe-horned into a whole load of other ones, imagine a DIY fighter game with your character's animations created by your own body and put in by Natal...
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    Question of the Day, Feb. 21, 2010

    Exactly my thoughts; it fits neither definition. Action-Adventure, Zelda is.
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    Game People Calling: Start Playing the Right Games

    Oh, man, that's a really cool idea. If that ever got implemented, I'd be full of glee.
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    Your Favorite Troll Fic

    I read about half of My Immortal - I couldn't stop laughing at Also, HLFLC is gold, especially the Garry's Mod recorded versions.
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    'Faults' in other people you cannot get your head around

    My moral system kinda goes like that too: Everything is okay until it imposes upon others. You're of X religion or faith? Wonderful, I support you, just don't knock anybody else's faith or lack thereof. You're of Z sex orientation? Splendid, but don't force your biological instincts on anyone...
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    Poll: Whats your favorite classic RPG?

    Only one I've fully played is Chrono Trigger; aside from that, I got the re-release copy of Planescape: Torment, fixed it up for the modern day, and played a bit. I love how you can avoid combat a LOT if you just talk to people, although many conventions of the day are showing some age (mainly...
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    What song do you listen to to help you through a tough area of enemys that you keep dieing from?

    I do not listen to anything except the game while playing - it greatly contributes to the immersion & escapism. I have enough distractions without breaking into a low, mumbling singing voice along with Jonathon Coulton as I'm fighting off Geth. That being said, though - if I had to pick a...
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    Bungie Says Halo: Reach Will Not Use Natal

    I concur with this, as well as Perhaps they're just being sneaky about Natal integration. I think if any game is going to be a flagship for Natal, I want it to be Halo: Reach - certainly not Fable III. Dear God, no.
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    Rebellion Says "No Justification" for DLC Already on Discs

    Thank God a developer is trying to explain the whole "games are wrapped months before release" thing that SO MANY PEOPLE don't get. Seriously, it's like consumers think a game is done the day before it comes out or something. Bravo, Rebellion.