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    BioWare Did Right By Us

    Alas, I just watched the destroy ending - EDI is on the memorial list of the dead, in the right-hand column. I noticed because her name is so much shorter than all the others.
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    You are what you Eat

    Oh no, why did I pick now to read this thread? Usually I'm a consummate carnivore, but last night I had mushroom and chickpea risotto ...
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    How big is your itunes library?

    10,644 tracks, 62.5GB, would take almost 39 days to play it all. I'm a musician, so I own a lot of music.
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    Poll: Would you change your sex for 5 million dollars?

    Genuinely unsure. $5 million is a lot ... it would be socially difficult, but the major thing for me is that I'm starting a career as a professional classical baritone, so turning into a female would make much of the repertoire I've learned and work I've done essentially useless. Plus my...
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    Poll: Dragon Age: Origins Xbox 360 or PC?

    Definitely, definitely PC. I've played it on both, the tactical combat interface is waaaay superior on PC (e.g. you can zoom out further and get a top-down view of the battlefield, which is disabled in the console version). That said, I prefer Mass Effects 1 and 2 on XBox.
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    what game got you into gaming

    Warcrafts I and II ... ahh, memories.
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    Poll: Your Father's Vote

    I don't think we do vote the same, but our ideologies are reasonably similar ? he generally votes for the larger (socially) liberal party, where I usually vote for a slightly more liberal smaller party. In New Zealand we do have a few reasonable options when it comes to minor parties (that will...
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    Bastion is 50% off, GET TO IT!

    Cheers for the tip, just bought it! I'm a sucker for clever storytelling, so this should be fun. :D
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    Poll: How many Shepards do you have?

    Two: 1. Male Vanguard, Ruthless Colonist, mostly renegade. Got with Ashley, then left her for Tali (who he always liked in the first game anyway). Kaidan died, Wrex lives, Rachni Queen lives, the Council sacrificed. All ME2 crew members live, the base handed to Cerberus. 2. Female...
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    "All PC Games Run On Macs." What?

    Blizzard has always released all their games for Mac and PC together right since Warcraft I, and they run equally well on both (i.e. WCIII isn't a Windows game, it's a hybrid). Growing up with Macs in the house, early Blizzard games were some of the few I could actually play! OT: I'm a Mac...
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    Your favorite jewel of Real Time Strategy Game

    I'm glad people have been bringing up Sacrifice, I love that game. And, unlike most RTS games, it has replay value, because of the different Gods you can choose to back. A really well thought out game. That said, I love all the Starcrafts and Warcrafts also. Not that I'd play Warcraft I...
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    Does anybody else do this?

    I definitely do that. I wouldn't if it weren't for Steam sales ... damn you Valve. "$2/5 for a full game! How can I not buy this?"
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    50 Americanisms That Brits Apparently Hate

    It can mean either. Dumb, eh? That's why "fortnightly" is awesome ? if you're consistent, you can then use bi-weekly to mean "twice a week" always, and be clear about it. Other people might not notice (or care), but I know I'm doing my bit for the clarity of the English language. *contented...
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    50 Americanisms That Brits Apparently Hate

    Dear every American ever, You cannot do one mathematic. It's always plural. MathS. MATHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Ahh, I'm glad to get that out of my system. OT: Many of these seem needlessly pedantic to me, but THIS one is my sworn enemy: I'm so, so glad to hear this one pointed out -...
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    Poll: Mass Effect 1 or 2?

    This is a really hard one for me. I love ME1 for its RPG elements, awesome characters and well-structured and paced story; I love ME2 for its exciting combat, more complex environments and equally awesome characters. They both had faults, too: ME1 had boring, repetitive bases and planets for...