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    Have you ever tried beer in the shower?

    Hey friend, i like drinkign beer in the shower too, espeically with other men present... /im?
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    Poll: Teaching children to shoot guns

    Kids should get ingo guncrime early, before the generation behind them does...
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    Times you were fuzzled over by the police.

    A paolice man once ticketed me for haviung atoo big big dick
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    Why are music boxes haunted in movies?

    The only haunting thibng about my music box is the prostitute's head in it
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    "It's an Acquired Taste."

    Maybe you should get your man shorts out of the closet. Booze makes the bad go away, also it numbs my fists after beating my wife
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    I think I found out why I don't like music

    Your ears are just pusses
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    How do you feel about the politics of Luke Cage?

    A black guy that survives gettting shot? What's not to like?!
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    Are you A Closeted Sports Fan?

    I'm in the closed#t, but not about sports. I like watching men Snapchat me pictures of your football at rjones92
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    Smoking, but not technically smoking, in a non-smoking zone?

    Smopking only refeures to tobnucco, you should smopke something not tobnacco in a public area and see what hapens.
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    Where to watch anime (legally) online

    Kids siction of nerflix is prettyt goude
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    The Nuka-World Cola Flavours

    This guy knows where it's at. How about them Vim drinkers?
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    The Nuka-World Cola Flavours

    Basically, what do you think the Nuka Cola variants taste like in comparison to real world soft drinks? For example I reckon Nuka Cola Wild would taste like Dr. Pepper, while Nuka Cola Dark would be like a cocktail of Coke and Jagermeister.
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    8 Released Early Access Games Worth Checking Out

    I count at least 4 of these that have now had a full release...
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    Does height matter anymore?

    As a giraffe I find this very offensive
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    Worst disappointment you experinced when you were a kid.

    When I found out that Booker was Comstock