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    Poll: Jim sterling VS Extra credits

    James Portnow is an intelligent and informed face of the gaming industry. Jim Sterling is a misogynistic piece of shit. Listen to Extra Credits
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    What's your favourite Yahtzee quote?

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    Opinions on Heavy Drinking?

    Because it's just really fun. People who don't understand this are generally really, really boring.
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    Why the internet hatred for furry?

    Because they ruin everything good on the internet. Also, they're super annoying.
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    Voice actors need to get MAD!

    Wouldn't this post be better suited to a blog or something?
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    Why should I spend a gap year/semester abroad in your native country? Hypothetically speaking

    Presented without comment. You know we're the best.
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    40 memes, 1 good video

    In the title of the thread you misspelled "really, really awful video"
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    Why DO people hate Nickelback?

    Do we really need more explanation beyond this?
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    Angry Music Spreads Hate and Aggression ?!?!?

    Agreed. It's angry, but unless you're very impressionable it shouldn't make you actually want to do something stupid. For example, while this song could get a crowd going I doubt that it's gonna cause anybody to "kill people, burn shit and fuck school".
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    What is "curfew"?

    cur·few   [kur-fyoo] Show IPA noun 1. an order establishing a specific time in the evening after which certain regulations apply, especially that no civilians or other specified group of unauthorized persons may be outdoors or that places of public assembly must be closed. 2. a...
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    Ever read a book so bad that you actaully stopped reading?

    I'd also wager that it was probably the best, too.
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    On Lyrics

    I'm at the Pizza Hut, I'm at the Taco Bell. I'm at the Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.
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    What do you consider to be Red Flags (Relationships and/or Friendships)?

    If they unironically start a sentence with "I'm not racist, but..." then that's a giant red flag that I don't want to speak to them ever again.
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    New Modern Warfare 3 Screens Bring the Grey

    Somebody never played Gears of War 1.