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    Liking the Wrong Thing on Facebook Can Get You Fired

    Beyond the political issue (imagine the response if the president even thought of taking such action with the military) the judge's argument is just plain stupid. If an act makes enough of a statement to provoke reprisal than it cannot fail to make enough of a statement to be speech. Not...
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    Press X to Squint

    I recently bought a PS3 and a few games, and I've encountered this problem. On my SDTV reading text in the Amalur demo was painful, and in the FFXIII-2 demo some letter are just blobs even with the larger font option on. All of the text in Disgaea 4 is readable, with just a bit of squinting...
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    I am absolutely flabbergasted

    Creationism is not a belief in a creator. Creationism is the belief that insists on a literal interpretation of historical and scientific facts in a book which contradicts itself before the end of the second page. (Yes, really.) Evolution has nothing to do with the existence or nonexistence...
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    The Accidental Lesbian

    Video game genres are defined by gameplay mechanics, not by story aspects. There is nothing preventing a straight platformer or FPS from having a player defined character, and JRPGs are no less RPGs for lacking one.
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    Bond's Back Again In GoldenEye Reloaded 007

    Forget everything you loved or hated about the N64 original. This is Call of Duty: GoldenEye. If you like whack-a-mole, QTE boss battles, and grindfest multiplayer you're gonna love this. If you hate all that stuff this game is not for you. If you want a shooter about a superspy with cool...
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    According to the Japanese, the most satisfying game last year was... Halo?

    It makes some sense that a niche title could have a greater average satisfaction. More widely appealing titles might have a smaller proportion of fervent fans.
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    Sony: Nintendo Handhelds Aren't for Self-Respecting Adults

    Seems like Sony has decided to go with the N-Gage marketing strategy. Remember how well that turned out, everybody? They have pills for that.
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    Internet Piracy and Porn

    If we don't produce more porn how will we ever get more good porn?
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    Internet Piracy and Porn

    Of course we need new porn. So much of it is crap, you really have to search to find the good stuff. It would be nice if the industry focused more on quality than volume though. We can only really enjoy things we think are bad for us. If people didn't feel guilty about sex they would stop...
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    Escape to the Movies: Sucker Punch

    Not liking it is cool. It's just that most of the films detractors seem to get lost in how the asylum is only shown in the beginning and the end. Sucker Punch does put in a concerted effort to only show what's absolutely necessary, like a Rashamon story without the final reveal, or The Usual...
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    Escape to the Movies: Sucker Punch

    Did you not notice the bandage? Blue is the orderly she stabbed. What many people don't seem to really get, and what the Red Letter Media guys didn't get, is that what happens in the fantasies is a translation of what happens in reality. This was made rather apparent in the kitchen knife...
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    Escape to the Movies: Paul

    This is true. Unfortunately the more ardently religious are too often unwilling to acknowledge the nature of their mythology. Bob talked about that a bit in relation to C.S. Lewis before in Intermission...
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    Escape to the Movies: Paul

    Well, I was Catholic, and I can tell you there is a difference between what the Church actually teaches and believes and when official proclamations against past wrongs are (finally) made. For instance, in theology class at my Catholic high school (class of 2000) the priest teaching the class...
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    Escape to the Movies: Paul

    Intelligent Design is not a belief in a creator figure. Intelligent Design is the insistence on the literal interpretation of a book that contradicts itself before the end of the second page with a shoddy find-and-replace job to get it into public schools. That is why it is mocked and why most...
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    Canadian Songwriters Propose All-You-Can-Download Net Tax

    Such services already exist. And the artists even get paid if their not Canadian. "Everyone's guilty, so everyone has to pay." Yeah, sure. That makes so much sense.