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    Review: 25th Anniversary Edition of Super Mario All-Stars

    No Super Mario World? Or SMW2? Come on Nintendo. This is hardly an 'all-stars' for today.
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    Zero Punctuation: iPhone Games

    Yahtzee, with regard to breathing on Mars, we've been secretly hollowing out the planet and terraforming it from within. Then some idiot lost a huge shipment of CO2 and water and it froze up somewhere in the northern region of the planet. Anyway, I'm not buying an iphone until the games are...
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    Why does anarchy need to exist? Because fascism and authoritarianism exist. If extremists exist at one end of the spectrum, the majority of people, who are somewhere in the middle in the spectrum, will eventually succumb to them unless they do something drastic. Anarchists exist to help balance...
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    So, about that piracy... AKA Woman forced to pay $1.5 million for pirating music

    "Honey, that mix CD I made for your birthday, with all those new songs....I'm gonna have to get that back from you," says mother to her child.
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    Dreaming Of An Inception Card Game

    And here I thought this was going to be a retrospective article about Shahrazad...
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    261: Zero Punctuation: Achieving the Cross-media Transformation of Ludological Hermeneutics

    I'm fairly sure that it's not. I recognized the name instantly at the end of the article because I'd been playing Arkham Horror today.
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    Game People Calling: Board Gamers: The New Hardcore

    Arkham Horror FTW. I also enjoy board games, especially those with a lot of detail in them. Wargames also appeal to me, but the only one I own is heroscape(which is pretty damn good on it's own). Another example I like is card games like magic the gathering.
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    Bumhug Parade #2

    Between the lovecraft and the rocko's modern life references, this wins.
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    Another new question to the girls here...

    Put simply, a girl is ok with a guy who has long as they aren't so emotional they can't function as a human being. After all, no-one wants to be a therapist for their lover.
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    Australian Government Slows R18+ Rating Process

    Goddamn government and their goddamn paternalism.
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    Scientists Claim Coma Victims May Still Be Awake

    I saw the Metallica video for "One" and thought it sounded horrible, but the chance that it could happen to anyone? This is just another reason to never leave the house lol
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    Game Dogs: Pilot Episode: D&D Kills

    Critical hit! Not bad, I am intrigued.
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    There Will Be Brawl: There Will Be Brawl: On Set

    Check out page two of this thread, it's been delayed somewhat, but we still don't know how long. And you can't "miss" a video being posted. It stays on the website.
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    Poll: Splinter Cell: Conviction - Looking Forward or not?

    I'm looking forward to it, if only to see where they take it next. The "plan your actions before you enter a room" thing looks cool too. Makes up maybe for the lack of gear.
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    There Will Be Brawl: There Will Be Brawl: On Set

    I rewatched it too, I want that badge.