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    The Big Picture: MCU-Tants?

    I think it's easy: - Vision says in Civil War "In the 8 years since Mr. Stark announced himself as Iron Man, the number of known enhanced persons has grown exponentially," i.e. enhanced persons have existed before, but more are revealing themselves now. - The MCU already has division between...
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    Report: Lionhead Had "Multiple Buyers" Interested in The Company

    What's so special about the Fable IP anyway? I can't really think of anything iconic about it other than the spectre of Peter Molyneux's continuously overblown promises of scope. Without that, it always struck me as "generic medieval fantasy world #1217". I mean, sure the games might have been...
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    Judging By The Cover: Judging Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    Apparently Edna has never heard of a snap fastener []. Using them would allow capes to be attached with enough strength to stay on, with them being harmlessly pulled off in the event they get snagged on something.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Division

    Oh, so that's what the Ubisoft logo is meant to be...! The more you know!
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    The Zombieland Writers Say a Sequel Isn't Dead Yet

    Exactly this- new survivors in a new location. Maybe have them cross paths with the original group at some point, or in a post-credits scene? If i was writing it, I'd suggest following a group of survivors in Australia? The comparative scarcity of guns would force more creative methods for...
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    McFarlane Toys is Making Five Nights at Freddy's Construction Sets

    Funko have you covered. []
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    Ad Exec on Blockers: "Little Piss Ants" Threaten Freedom of Speech

    If you don't want people using AdBlock and the like, the solution still seems really obvious to me- make ads that we don't want to block. Make sure your ads aren't hampering the end user's experience, and people will have no reason to block them. Hell, make a really good ad and people will be...
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    Disney: Marvel Films Could "Go On Forever"

    I've always hoped that, rather than recast their characters with new actors, they'd just bring in new characters and retire the older ones. Or, if they must keep Iron Man/Cap/etc. around, have it be a new character taking on the mantle of the old heroes. For example, RDJ is Tony Stark, and I...
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    Nicole Perlman on Labyrinth Reboot Reports: "Don't Fall For All The Clickbait"

    I dunno. The movie could have its story built around his absence. Maybe The Goblin King has left the Labyrinth and not returned, and his underlings are unsure what to do. With Jareth gone, one of his goblins has "temporarily" taken over as acting Goblin King, and is beginning to abuse his...
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    Stan Lee Wants to Merge Marvel and Star Wars Universes

    "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." Star Wars and Marvel could already exist within the same universe pretty easily, just lightyears away and thousands of years apart. I mean, what's the worst they could do? Show the Guardians of the Galaxy flying through space, passing by the...
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    Study: Robots Expected to Replace 5 Million Jobs By 2020

    Time to break out one of my favourite YouTube videos: "The future is a foreign country, and you aren't welcome there."
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    Game of Thrones Is Still TV's Most Pirated Series

    To watch Game of Thrones in Australia, one has to sign up to Foxtel (just about the only cable provider for the entire country) on a 12 month plan for $1599. [] Per year. That is currently the only legal course I'm aware of for anyone wanting to watch Game of...
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    Konami is Hiring For a "New Metal Gear"

    I wouldn't be wasting your breath shrekfan- I have a not-so-sneaking suspicion that Samtemdo here is a Konazi sympathiser.
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    Zoolander 2 Character Posters Show Off the Crazy Cast - And Penelope Cruz

    Excellent choice of movies! I think too many people nowadays confuse depiction with promotion; people forget that not every action taken by a character, protagonist or otherwise, is meant to show that action as positive. Ace Ventura's reaction to finding out Einhorn is a man is deliberately...
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    Zoolander 2 Character Posters Show Off the Crazy Cast - And Penelope Cruz

    Really? Have they forgotten that the central joke of the first movie was that the male models were tactless morons, prone to saying wildly inappropriate things because they're too stupid to know better? Anyone upset over that just needs to... Relax!