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    Post some useless trivia.

    There is a very small chance that the Earth could just pop out of existence right now. There is an even smaller chance that thinking about it might cause it to happen.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Trivial

    Yes. That was awesome.
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    Blame the poster above you

    I blame you for ending world hunger.
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    Worst Super Power Ever?

    The power to hard-boil an egg in just under four minutes.
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode 23

    You guys blow me away. You do that on purpose right?
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    do game ratings serve any purpose?

    You figured it out. Here's a giant wad of cash, if you keep quiet about it.
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    Poll: People are Terrible.

    People aren't bad. It's the criminals and the shamelessly egotistic that deserve a proper speaking to. And hey, between black and white, there's... all colors. /zen
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    The first video game enemy that you killed.

    Goomba's are gonna win this. Chalk one up for me.
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    Poll: Your Ethnicity

    I'm human. Deal with it.
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    Poll: The Draft

    I would just not do it. I would not hide and they can throw me in jail if it's that important to them, but I don't believe in war. War is a pretty childish way of settling things and if they can't duke it out in civilized conversation, well, then they certainly don't need me.
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    Movie cliches that you find hilarious . . . or annoying.

    You guys should read TVtropes. Seriously, it's all on there. Now go read for hours and hours. Don't forget to eat.
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    Drink Of Choice?

    Coffeecoffeecoffee. Otherwise, beer will suffice. But now, I'll take another coffeecoffeecoffee.
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    If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would you choose?

    Magneto, Jean-Luc Picard.. but I think Jessica Rabbit would be my best bet. No, Roger isn't invited, and actually has never existed within the confines of this little experiment.
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    The most interesting food you've eaten?

    Snail Pizza! Yum, tastes like chicken. And pizza.