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    Special Snowflake - The Terminology

    Usually when I see special snowflake thrown around it is being used as a derogatory term for otherkin and the like on tumblr. The sorts of people that believe they are actually a super special unique werewolf who "changes form" and growls and barks at people. Or who think they have Harry...
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    Slowing down - Why we don't post like we used to...

    Home and work got in the way mostly and then whenever I found time to load the site up and have a look around I would discover basically no content worth my time and a forum bereft of interesting people and views.
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    Poll: ST Federation or 40k Imperium - who would win in a war?

    The Imperium uses the power of awful writing and balancing. They would just send wave after wave of their forces until everyone in the Federation suffocated under the Imperium's grimdark masturbatory teenage power fantasy.
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    Poll: The Fall Shooter Showdown

    The stupidity of the gaming masses is on full display with the Modern Warfare remaster. Years of people moaning about CoD being samey and now those very same people are moaning that they can't play a re release of the original that started it all. Nostalgia goggles are a powerful thing. Of...
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    Can't sleep, clowns will eat me!

    Yeah the problem isn't that people are dressing up as clowns, it's that some are hanging around in gloomy off the road type areas and trying to lure kids into the woods with them. Which takes it from harmless, eccentric fun to serial killer/paedophile vibes.
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    I think I found out why I don't like music

    In the world of iTunes and the myriad other digital marketplaces, not to mention Spotify and the plethora of other online streaming options, your whinge about not being able to buy music makes no sense. And if you want physical copies, you just need to check out Amazon, eBay or the million other...
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    "It's an Acquired Taste."

    I'll leave my passive aggressive rant out about this thread again and how 7 years of escapist usage and they're still the same old holier-than-thou attitudes being expressed. Regardless, it's extraordinarily simple - most people get exposed to alcohol through family and friends. Lots of...
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    Why Dishonored 2 doesnot have corvo as sole protagonist?

    I love people whining about the scary feminists come to ruin their hobby by having characters that don't adhere to strict archetypes that match their own limited worldview. Not muh male power fantasies! Ruined, everything is rooined!
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    I assume none of you remember me, but I remember most of you.

    You're obviously doing something wrong then, need to change your tack. Have you tried burning something down?
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    A Japanese Tech Company Claims It Can Predict Crimes Before They Happen

    It's certainly an interesting piece of technology and if it functions to any degree of accuracy you can expect it to become standard around the world. It is amusing that a piece of tech designed to predict that crime may occur in an area is being criticised as though it could unfairly target...
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    State of the Escapist, Late 2015 Edition

    Hmmm the site seems ok at the moment. The forums are certainly a lot deader than they were back when I was on the site every day. DOOOOOOOOOOM AND GLOOOOOOOOOOOOM! echo echo echo echo echo And so on and so forth
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    Quality Assurance - Has Valve Said Anything?

    That was kind of my point, games like The War Z end up on steam when 5 minutes of playing it would have shown someone that half the features being advertised aren't actually in it. Hence me saying that valve don't really care that much about quality control unless it's so bad that it causes a...
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    Quality Assurance - Has Valve Said Anything?

    They basically don't give a crap about the quality of games being put on steam unless it causes a shitstorm.
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    How well do you know the Escapist above you?

    Once stuck in the loop there is no escape.
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    How well do you know the Escapist above you?

    GET OFF MY LAWN YOU PUNK KID! *shakes fist*