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    Jimquisition: The 100% Objective Review

    Do you not find this incredibly boring though? Do you not think games as a medium deserve more than that? Because this is the sort of shit you got in game magazines in the 90s. We've come a long way since then.
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    Jimquisition: The 100% Objective Review

    Take a look at the comments of any review that offers a dissenting opinion, or actually has something of note to say. Seriously, wade into any comments section. If you don't instantly vomit then you're probably the cause of the vomit.
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    Jimquisition: Stupid Sexy Bayonetta

    Reviews are personal opinions. Neither you, the developers or the world at large are under any obligation to care what someone at Polygon thinks, if you don't align yourself with their views. To suggest that someone shouldn't be allowed to post a review because you disagree with their...
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    Zero Punctuation: Destiny - Always-On Grind

    They do. Of course they do...
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    Zero Punctuation: Destiny - Always-On Grind

    This definitely isn't a game that they've 'forced' multiplayer into. This game is pure multiplayer. It's the whole point of the game.
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    Zero Punctuation: Destiny - Always-On Grind

    Honestly though, PS+ is worth it to fuckery if you play any of Sony's current consoles. Also going to be the first commenter to say 'I really like Destiny'. It's flawed as fuck, yes but what it does right it does tremendously. Certainly the most fun I've had with a console this year.
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    D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Review - Thirsty For The D

    Well if he ever decides to put it on PS4 or PC, I'll certainly give it a go. Why he gravitates towards the Xbox I'll never understand.
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    Destiny Review - World of Chorecraft

    I find the swipe at the UI pretty interesting. That's the one part of the game that's gotten pretty much universal acclaim from what I've seen. It's an incredibly clever bit of design.
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    Zero Punctuation: Daikatana - John Romero's B****

    > Calls out pre-rendered teasers > Accomanies with the logo for an entirely gameplay based teaser that's gotten a pretty great reception
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    Jimquisition: The Poison of Pre-Order Culture

    While I agree wholeheartedly with the overall sentiment, I completely disagree with the idea that the Alien cast were 'removed from an Alien game' to form this pre-order bonus. It's pretty clearly just a little bonus cameo thing. If the game was about Ripley's ordeal, but you couldn't see or...
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    Jimquisition: EA & Ubisoft: A Cycle of Perpetration and Apology

    As others have pointed out I'm 100% on board with the episode, but I have to disagree just a tad on the Diablo situation. Blizzard genuinely fucked up, they knew they genuinely fucked up and they went well above and beyond to rectify the issue for free. And they haven't really fucked up in any...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2014 - Deflate Your Hype Balloons

    Well yeah, obviously I know it's an expression. Especially in the UK. It's just not a thing I've heard anyone but Yahtzee use to make fun of the PS4. At least Bone comes naturally.
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2014 - Deflate Your Hype Balloons

    A small piece of me dies every time Yahtzee tries to make 'Pisspoor' a thing. No, it's not a thing. Stop it.
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    Movie Defense Force: BloodRayne - Meatloaf Is A Vampire In It

    How seriously do you take any show on the internet?
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    Movie Defense Force: Hulk - You Won't Like Me When I'm Ang Lee

    The only thing I really remember about the film (other than the dog fight and the starfish) is that the climax was genuinely unwatchable in the cinema. As in it was so dark, foggy and chaotic that I literally couldn't tell what was going on, and couldn't physically see what I was supposed to be...