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    Poll: Are We Too Hard On Lucas?

    In a way, I think whether he deserves it or not is irrelevant. When you make a work public -- be it a major motion picture, or a lowly forum post -- you open yourself up to criticism and praise. You gotta take the bad with the good, even if there is no good. If he's sensitive about the...
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    Netflix Kills Qwikster

    I gotta say, I'm impressed that Netflix isn't going through with "Qwikster". I really hope they can recover from everything this year.
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    Grumpy Pundit: Men Play Too Many Dang Videogames

    I saw the headline, and thought it was a new series on The Escapist. I'm... kind of disappointed. This is just business as usual. Government bloke poo-poos games, gamer blokes get upset. Move along, nothing to see here.
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    Goodbye is Still Goodbye

    Sorry to see you go, but I'm happier that you're pursing other adventures. All the best to you. Also, I gotta mention that I'm very excited to see Steve as EIC. He's the best thing to happen to the Escapist in a long time.
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    Prove something to me.

    You have over a dozen people who [presumably] don't know you, trying to cheer you up/offer perspective. That's rather good proof, I'd say.
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    51 yr old actor marries "16" yr old model/singer... wtf?

    Doug Hutchison? Doug "Victor Tooms" Hutchison? WOW, I ... still don't care. Sorry. I'm in no place to judge. It could be a publicity stunt for two barely-knowns to get a bit of a career boost, it could be that they're in love (it happens, you know). Who can say?
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    Study: Games Make Kids Better Students

    This is interesting news, but it's a far cry from "Grand Theft Auto beneficial to kids." The children involved were using puzzle games, not general, off-the-shelf games. As such, I can't really say this is a +1 to the gaming community.
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    The Big Picture: Do the Mario!

    Interesting episode; I can honestly say I never would have guessed the Super Mario Brothers Super Show would ever be the topic of The Big Picture. And what? No shout-out to Club Mario (the show that came after SMBSS)? The show didn't hold up too well for me, but my six-year-old nephew loves...
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    How did YOU celebrate Osama's death?

    I took a tally of how many Tweets, message board posts, and FB statuses stated "Obama is dead". Other than that, nothing.
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    Top 5.....Vanishing acts?

    So she's officially gone? Pity, if that's the case, I really enjoyed her articles.
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    Top 5.....Vanishing acts?

    While we're at it, whatever happened to Elizabeth Grunewald and Rebecca Mayes? Haven't seen much from them in awhile.
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    Church Luring Easter Attendees with 3DS Giveaways

    I think this is sickening on so many levels. I have no idea how he figures giving away devices will get people to "meet Christ". Anyone who visits that church for the giveaway probably won't be returning.
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    Poll: What hurts more: kicked in the balls or giving birth?

    I'm writing under the assumption that both options are under exceptional circumstances. That is, the birth is without drugs, and the kick is done with a steel-toed boot. By that, I'd vote for childbirth. Even if we set aside the length of time (which we should, since the question asks for...
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    Friendliest Game Store Employee You've Met?

    Amanda (Gamestop) is one of the best retail employees -- game store, or otherwise -- that I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She's always friendly and helpful, not to mention very good at her job. For instance, she managed to convince my very anti-tech friend to get a DS. Recently...
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    Man Creates Incredibly Detailed Muppet Show Theater

    I didn't realize there was a line of Muppet action figures. Wow! OT: I'd be interested to know if he got a reaction from Palisades. This guy did an incredible job. I'm definitely feeling nostalgic. I think it's a Muppet night.