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    Tolkien, Overrated?

    If not for Tolkien this site probably wouldn't exist.
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    Poll: Games that were broken at release that became great games.

    Vampire: TMBL. Bugged to unplayable levels at launch, one of the best rpgs of all time now.
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    Your best friend joins a bat shit insane cult, What do you do?

    cults have the best orgies, let him have a good time
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    Best death scene in a video game EVER

    Not cool with OPs spoiler, that shit ruins lives. Anyways, my favorite death scene is the end of Snake Eater, I mean, its not a creative death, but no other death is that memorable.
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    To those with experience programming...

    I dont know much about C#, I will look into that. Is it easier than C++?
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    To those with experience programming...

    Your right, it would be. The shooting in Metroid is pretty good, I will just have to design the game around the player having limited directions in which to shoot.
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    To those with experience programming...

    Well I'm comparing it to Castlevania in terms of graphical style, but as far as gameplay goes its a tad different (guns, a lasso that grabs enemies) so just using a keyboard can be a bit restrictive, but I suppose if Contra can do it so can I. I will look into C++, but I dont want to overwhelm...
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    To those with experience programming...

    Thats good to hear, I feel much more comfortable programming in Java. The only thing I'm stumped about is how to make a sidescroller control well on a PC, I'm toying around with the idea of using the mouse to aim weapons, but I've never seen that very well done before in this type of game.
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    To those with experience programming...

    I've taken a course in Java and made some text based adventure games and the like, and I'm fairly familiar with the language now (that and visual basic, which isn't my cup of tea especially for making games). I have a great idea for a game and I've already coded the groundwork for it, but I...
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    Am i the only person that understands MGS's story?

    I have enough of an understanding to follow it. However, the storytelling is done in such a hamhanded way that makes it much more complicated than it should be. The sign of good storytelling is making complex issues and situations easy to comprehend, not the other way around.
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    Poll: Gaming Laptops

    Dont buy from alienware, you will pay much more than its worth. Browse for something if you really insist on a laptop (newegg has great prices) but I strongly advise getting a desktop for gaming and a low-cost laptop to manage your college stuff. Thats what I do and it works nicely.
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    Poll: Photorealism in Games: Doing it wrong?

    Very interesting point you have there. Realistic graphics of the future won't necessarily come with better hardware, there will have to be some new techniques used in how everything is rendered, otherwise it just wont look right.
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    Most Nostalgic Music.... Ive always sucked at street fighter, but I played it all day when i was a kid. this song brings me back to the epic battles i used to have.
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    Poll: What was the Best Lord of the Rings movie?

    Fellowship, theres a Balrog.
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    Play WoW with Doraleous and Associates

    Sounds like fun, now I wish I hadn't quit WoW.