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    Your best/worst names for consoles or accessories.

    WiiU has to be the worst, though Nintendo's naming for it's DS line is getting pretty stupid too. DS was fine and 3DS I can understand, but the 2DS and the New 3DS? That's just dumb. Microsoft with the Xbox One despite it being the 3rd Xbox console is also on the face palm inducing side of...
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    Poll: Would You still Early Access / Pre-Order a game today?

    Would I buy an early access game? Honestly, I don't know that I would but that's not necessarily because I feel Early Access is always terrible. For me, it's about more wanting to preserve the experience of the game. I don't want to experience a game before it's even what the developer...
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    What made you join the Escapist?

    I joined, as many did, because of Zero Punctuation. I have stayed up till now because The Escapist was a place that allowed and encouraged discussion of all aspects of gaming, including aspects of their culture and import beyond just mechanics.
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    Social etiquette/quirks in your region/country

    In Canada we really are generally almost overly polite to each other, including apologizing in cases where an apology probably isn't required.
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    Poll: Does Hatred actually look like a good game?

    Not really. It would be pretty much impossible for me to look beyond the theme of the game but, even if I try, I just see something that may be fun for a few minutes assuming it's mechanically sound. It doesn't look like something that would have lasting appeal to me, similar to rampages in...
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    That one part of Geek culture you never got into

    I think it's also because anime is such a big thing. To me, as an anime fan, when I hear someone say "I don't like anime" I generally find that akin to them saying "I don't like movies and television." It's not nearly as limiting as someone who says "I don't like a specific franchise of...
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    Poll: 2015, The end of The Escapist?

    Is it the end of the site? I can't say it's looking too positive but that's as much due to the struggles in the industry as a whole as it is due to recent events here. Is it nearing the end of my time visiting the site? Yeah, probably.
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    Zero Punctuation: Evolve - One vs Multiplayer

    While I'm no fan of Evolve (it can be fun to watch, but I have exactly 0 interest in actually playing it), I do think it's a mistake to call out multiplayer focused games as being lacking in long term appeal. Sure Evolve is looking to be TitanFall 2.0 in terms of it's staying power, but there...
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    Games that were so good they made you despise the whole genre they belong to.

    NGB was my my thought as soon as I saw the topic as well. I can't say I despise the other games in the genre, but NGB has given me essentially impossibly high standards such that I haven't found anything else that truly compares. NGB basically uses a proper fighting game engine as it's base...
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    Robert Rath's "Critical Intel" column leaves The Escapist

    I didn't read many of the CI articles because I often found the topic at hand didn't appeal to me, but the ones I did read were very well thought out and enjoyable. It's definitely a loss for the site but I can't say that the stance taken in some of the articles would have fit into the "happy...
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    That one part of Geek culture you never got into

    Hmm... my first thought was comics, but I actually was into them at one point a long time ago. It really just became unsustainable for me being that I didn't have all the time and money in the world, and I also had other interests. Comics just feel to me to be a sort of all or nothing thing...
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    Poll: Who else is a little depressed about the content loss?

    Depressed? Not really. The thing bothering me about the site now is not really the content loss, it's more what that content loss appears to be emblematic of. If (and, more likely, when) I leave it's really only going to be the forums I miss, and even those are pretty hit or miss.
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    Isn't it a bit strange how people seem to think of anime as "one thing"?

    I wouldn't say it bothers me too much, but I do find it rather silly and feel that people who have that opinion are often missing out on all of the good you can find in anime. I'm guessing it's just largely because while a variety of anime is much easier to access now than it used to be, it...
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    The Voice of This Generation: Kanye West is Making a Video Game

    It's an interesting concept, though if it's about his mother specifically I'm not sure how much reach it will have. With the information we have, though, I think it's at least worth of some measure of respect. He could just be making a rap industry based version of the Kim K. game.
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    Hugh Jackman Will be Wolverine Till The Day he Dies

    While I was familiar with the character before Jackman took over, he really has become W0olverine for me. U really enjoyed the last Wolverine movie so I'm hoping they do another one (though, like it or not, the X-Men movies are largely Wolverine movies too).