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    Poll: the end of pokèmon

    I'd like a system where choices affect the story. Say, certain trainers could help you out depending on wether you bought them a potion, lended them your HM slave or just pissing them off. And a system in which you become a gym leader. Choose a type, design your gym, put it online or just fight...
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    Zero Punctuation: Nier

    The pun at the end was the best thing ever to grace to universe. Seriously.
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    Poll: Scariest Doctor Who Monster

    I 'unno. All three stories of the "Scary" Moffat episodes take it, mostly because the influence you psychologically, touching you on your childhood nerve. I mean the Angels are pretty much fear of the unknown, if you think. What happens when you can't see? It's the "If a tree falls" thing...
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    Would Gaming be better off without Halo?

    *blows dust off of keyboard and types on this website fir the first time in a year*. Halo's great. it's clones aren't. It's not so much Halo's destroying gaming as an art, it's the kids who buy it. It makes a bunch of money so the other develepors cheat off of their math tests and attempt...
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Twice as Infectious as the Original

    Left 4 Dead 2 is a great improvement over the original and is a gaming masterpiece. It makes sense.
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    Review: The Sims 3 (iPhone)

    Who gets this on iPhone? Seriously!
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    Zero Punctuation: Overlord 2

    I need to try that in Half-life. I'll load it up now!
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    Imagine the worst possible movie adaptation for your favourite game, what would it look like?

    A TimeSplitters movie being with anyone who isn't a comedic actor playing Cortez. But if they got the dude who made the action in the Matrix in, it could become as good as the game it'd be about!
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    RTS - Strategy....oooor not?

    This is why a Gears of War strategy would work better - You can be attacked at any time, from anywhere. You've got to work fast, and tanks take long to build.
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    Homestar Runner

    Yeah. Anyone watch it? Personally, my new favourite toon is the recent "Strong Bad Email", imaginary. For those who want the link, just copy and pase this -
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    Who would you like to talk to that is dead?

    Andy Kauffman. He's my hero, so why not?
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    Is this the generation the end of quality single player games?

    Funny as always, but the puzzles are a little hard. Also, assuming you watch HR, have you seen the new email, imaginary?
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    Funniest In-Game Dialogue

    "I only wanted to be loooooooved..." R-110 is the funniest robot ever. Suck it, Liberty.
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    Tomb Raider Reboot in the Works?

    So, is this the first one since TR3 that isn't just milked? Must be pretty good, and I've always liked the idea of a game that makes you feel like and explorer. Might check it out.