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    Justice League - There Is No Justice Here

    A lot of people seemed to think that WW's decentness meant DC movies would be better now.
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    Perfect World and Cryptic Studios Are Making a Magic: the Gathering MMO

    What was that xbox game in the MTG universe? I got some sick burns from that game. "May your suffering equal your weakness" -generic wraith knight guy Anyway the universe definitely has potential, it would take a damn good game to make me play an mmo though.
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    8 Fictional People We Wish Were Real

    Now imagine he was a vigilante with magic powers, possibly immortal and has a history of meddling in politics and genocidal aspirations. No wizards plz. Especially wizards powered by their Specialness. Both Gandalf and Hermoine have magic just because the Universe loves them more than us.
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    See Spider-Man in the New Homecoming Trailer

    Looks very watchable. No surprise, Marvel has yet to make a bad movie. I'm not impressed though. The "Hulk gave it away" comment was legit funny and in character.
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    New Pokemon Go Update Arrives

    Disheartening. They identified and responded to a problem that's been plaguing the game for months and they did it in the least inspired and effective way possible. All they did was shuffle some numbers around without any real reason. I have trouble even understanding how the people who came up...
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    Doctor Strange - Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Special Effects

    It was a fun and visually impressive movie. It never really comes into it's own however. The plot was tight and proficient where I think it would have been better to slow down and build it's magical world more. I think Christine Palmer should have had 1 less scene not more. The movie really...
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    There's Now Credible Evidence of Alien Intelligence - But Are We Ready For It?"

    People hold the idea of a world government as if it was a natural and literally universal standard. I doubt this is the case. Likely they would just take one look at us and come to the reasonable conclusion that we would be too annoying, random and chaotic to deal with. If anything is holding...
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    There's Now Credible Evidence of Alien Intelligence - But Are We Ready For It?"

    My point wasn't that we shouldn't contact alien life, it was that until we do, no amount of time or social change is going to make contact a neat and tidy affair. The whole "are we ready for alien contact" question is pointless.
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    There's Now Credible Evidence of Alien Intelligence - But Are We Ready For It?"

    The whole, humanity is a caterpillar just waiting to become a butterfly falsehood just pisses me off so much. We are what we are, evolution does not make things "Better" it just adapts them to the current environment. And even then it still does so only when the last generation is in the ground...
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    There's Now Credible Evidence of Alien Intelligence - But Are We Ready For It?"

    I share your concern Any race with 200+ colonies would pretty much need FTL or be so alien that we would have no common ground with them. Hell with 200+ colonies and no FTL they would have next to nothing in common with each other. Also "humanity" is never going to be ready for...
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    Niantic Considering Android Wear, One-on-One Pokemon Go Battles

    Honestly this just makes me lose hope. Maybe one day they will have 1 on 1 battles? This is what they tease as they lose millions of customers? The legendary events had better be the best thing ever or the player base will wither fast.
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    Pokemon GO Has Lost 79% of Its Paying Population, Still Profitable

    There is no endgame to Pok?mon Go. Collecting pokemon is a fun novelty but there is nothing to do with them. Its pretty obvious that no Pok?mon lineup is tough enough to actually hold a gym for any real length of time. The best defense is justa gym with a high enough level that players refuse...
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    Upcoming Pokemon GO Patch Will Add "Buddy Pokemon"

    Now I regret grinding my starter into candy. This will make it so much easier to evolve the pokemon ive only ever gotten from eggs.
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    New Warcraft Movie Trailer Shows Off New Footage, Magic

    Pre WOW drenei:
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    Deadpool Already Has a Sequel in The Works

    Even their terrible comic book movies get sequels.